Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bird Trouble Guest Post

Hey Sally Ann readers! I´m Alexz. I´m the girl over at the Bird Trouble blog . I blog about a bunch of bags that I make, the journey I´m going on with my business and growing up in general, the adventures I go on in my city of Chicago, and sometimes I will throw in a style post. I´ve been asked by Sally to create a little post for you while she and Matt are road tripping their hearts out to Michigan & to my home city! I´ve known Sally via internet for a few years now. Jeez, I want to say almost 2 - 3 years maybe. That´s awesome, Sally, because I´m fortunate to know such a cool and inspiring who has always been nothing but supportive to what I love to do and my handmade business! Thank you always.

The one strong thing that Sally and I have had in common when it comes to our businesses, is that we both love reusing materials before they are thrown in a waste pile and forgotten about. I never really thought twice about not thrifting or reclaiming materials. Ever since I was in high school with my own car, I thought, why not save some cash, look original, and (most currently thinking) save the world while we´re creating this all new style that is put together by you? Not a mass produced company, not what someone else has made, but what you made! Sally has shown us the low down on how many ways you alter clothes onto yourself into a new, yourself, style. I wanted to inspire you today on reusing materials, or altering, to create a bag for yourself that none of your friends will have.

I purchased a rug at the thrift store a few weeks ago because I was attracted to it´s speckled colors and it´s thick quilted texture. I also really liked the stripes. When I go to the thrift store, I seem to always turn my brain onto this "you can change anything in here, alter it, shift it¨ mindset. At this point, it´s only natural for me to look at something, and think of something else. It´s become so natural for me to creatively work that way, it´s what I always do. I purchased one rug to test out a new collection of new bags that I want to make for Bird Trouble shop . I went in understanding the weight, how it falls, and what materials can I pair with it. I came up with a duffel bag design and drafted it on a piece of paper. Before you think my design is a little advanced for beginners... I'd think easier square / fast stitches and make zipper pouches, foldable clutches, zipper clutches, wallets, or a simple tote bag with a strap!

Now go on! Head to your favorite thrift store to find your material. You don't have to get a rug : you can get a blanket, a pillow cover, a knit sweater!, a pair of jeans, a retro dress you wouldn't dare wear on your bod but you'd carry it! If you don't have a sewing machine, get some hand needles and some patience. Then show Sally and I what you came up with because we'd love to see!


Bags handmade from vintage and found textiles.

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  1. How cool is this! I love it~ who would have thought it was formerly a rug unless one read your post!!
    Thanks for sharing, very inspiring!!