Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Can you believe this top cost $1?!

Yeah, you read that title correctly, $1! I bought this bustier sunflower top at a thrift store in Columbia, South Carolina (about an hour away from Augusta) called "His House". All clothes at this thrift store are only $1! And there are about 4 or 5 around town. It's insanely cheap and quite good clothing for a cheap thrift store. Most clothing in Columbia is very 80s, lots of high waisted demin shorts, lots of cheesy silk blouses, high waisted jeans, polyester dresses. The first time I went to a His House thrift store I filled up a garbage bag with denim high waisted shorts. I also bought this dress there.

Sometimes it's hard to pull off a bustier. Personally, I'm not really one for showing much skin unless it's my legs or back. But since I paired the bustier with a high waisted skirt, the little mid drift makes me giggle because it's so minimal. Plus is was 100 degrees yesterday, so the less constricting clothing that is flowing, the better! And added bonus when a bra isn't required in your outfit! Too much information? Ah well.

I'd like to say a quick hello to the new readers that found my blog through Selective Potential. Hello! Glad to have you here. And thanks for following along with me. To everyone else, check out Tieka's blog, where I'm the featured summer blogger.

Outfit details:
Top: sunflower cotton/denimish bustier with printed sunflowers, thrifted, $1.
Belt: thrifted, $1. Skirt: gift from Rachael, thrifted.
Shoes: Plato's Closet, $10.
Sunglasses: Aldo, gift (I say gift in that a friend left them at my 
house and never picked them up, hehe, gotta love when that happens!).

My favorite part about this outfit is my tattoo peeking out the back. I like the tease of just seeing a tiny bit of it. Since I wear one piece suits at least half of the time, it's rare that this tattoo is ever seen. So it's still quite secretive, plus I have about 5 hours left before it's finished. I'm loving summer, but part of me can't wait for it to end so I can finish this piece and get my ankle touched up.  

Funny story, the last time I wore this bustier, I also did an outfit post, and the next morning my dad called me to yell at me about the tattoo he didn't know about. I was sick in bed with food poisoning, and he still yelled at me, "What in the hell is that on your back?! Another tattoo?!" Sorry Dad. That's what I get for posting things on my blog. Dad hates my tattoos. Luckily they're almost all covered with a t-shirt.

Phew it was so hot taking these! And so was miserable with my hair down. Oh my. Poor Zeus just wants to roll around in the grass and doesn't understand why he has to stand next to me when my camera is on the tripod. I can only imagine what's going through his head during our little shoots and how he rationalizes the event. "Why does mama make me stand here and stand so still while that odd black triangle makes a clicky sound." Or something like that with his dopey human voice I give him. 

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm spending my day sewing new purses for the line that comes out next week! It will be accompanied by an amazing giveaway where you get to design the prize. More to come soon. 

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  1. Love how you styled the bustier. It makes me think I could pull one off. I will certainly be looking for one the next time I go thrifting.

  2. OH man, love the bustier. Totally wish I could find one similar and wish I had a thrift store like that around my hood. Unfortunately, the thrift stores in Dallas are jacking up their prices pretty bad. Maybe I just need to take a trip to SC!