Friday, July 13, 2012

Sneak peek!

Happy Friday from my sewing room! Cats are everywhere today, lying on everything I get out to work on. This morning I finished up some curtains I was altering for someone and I must have removed each cat twice from the fabric. Silly girls.

I'm currently working on some purses made out of scrap fabric from two or three garbage bags I almost got rid of completely before deciding to make more accessories. (Notice the giant pile cleverly hidden behind the ironing board in the above picture) When I rearranged my sewing room, I made my fabric storage smaller, to help me get organized. When I had all these bags of scraps I couldn't bring myself to pitch them. Solution: PURSES! The hoarder in me saves any scrap of useable fabric, and that hoarding is coming in handy for this round of work. I love mismatching random piece of fabric for interior pockets and fun surprises in the design of the piece. I can't wait to release this line! Even though they're fairly simple clutches, I love the innovation in using scraps and old clothes. Plus it's nice to know they're made out of things that were going to be trash. 

Many are made out of old jeans and scrap denim, all having a nice thick sturdy base to make them more durable. This one above, was made out of my sister's old Navy uniforms she sent me, and some scrap stretch denim I had from who knows what! All the zipper are also vintage; I got lucky and found a huge batch of them at Salvation Army a few years ago. COMING SOON!

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