Friday, August 17, 2012

Basketful of Bows

I've had the best time working this week! Some of what I've sewn: a basket of these fun little bows I will use to make hair accessories. It's great using up the tiny piece of scrap fabric from other projects that would have otherwise been thrown away.

When I sew clothing, purses, etc, there are always pieces that are scrap. Most people would throw away these scrap pieces. I simply put them all into a rubbermaid container for later use. This batch of scraps goes back years, some fabric reminding me of clothes I made back in college! The mint green cotton, a skirt I made in 2004, the brown polka dots lined the inside of my first "Sally Ann" purses in 2007, the pink polka dots, scrap from a dress I reconstructed in 2009. It's so much fun! What a nice trip down memory lane, and boy it feels so good to look at my trash can of mostly thread, that has not been emptied all week!

I hope you all had a productive great week! Now I'm going to make a few cropped tops out of an old curtain! I'm on a roll.

Have a great weekend!

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