Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Clothes broken, fix em!

I'm sure all of you have that one dress in your closet that needs a new zipper. It just sits and sits and you'll eventually get rid of it, and then Goodwill won't sell it because it's damaged, and it will end up in a landfill. You know how easy it is to replace a zipper? Don't be intimidated by the super easy alteration!

This peacock and paisley print dress belongs to my sister Rachael. She sent it home with me on one of recent trips to visit her in Florida. She was sure to emphasize that I wasn't allowed to keep it after I replaced the zipper. We'll see Rach, this dress fits so well! Muhahaha!

Step one: Examine the broken zipper. 8 times out of 10, the zipper seems broken but it just needs the zipper pull restrung. If this is the case, open up the zipper from the bottom and bring the zipper pull up from the bottom. Resew the bottom and you're done. But this zipper in this particular dress had broken teeth so it needed to be completely replace. So this step one: Remove the broken zipper. 

Razor blades are my preferred tool for ripping out seams and zippers. A seam ripper takes too long!

Get a matching zipper, the same type and length, and be sure it matches! Follow the instructions on the package when sewing in the zipper. 

And all done! This dress is so comfortable. I've finally jumped on the maxi bandwagon. I understand why the ladies love this cut of dress. It's like I'm wearing pajamas but I'm not! Whoa. When I work from home, I'm all about comfort. 

Clem says hello readers! Ms. Grumpypants was not into this photo shoot. She much prefers to sleep on everything I'm working on. As she gets older, she gets so much meaner to everyone. I think she's still mad that Zeus lives with us now. Matt and I moved in together over 8 months ago, and we've been together for almost two years.. Clem still hates poor sweet Zeus. Maybe in another year she'll like him. 

Questions or comments on fixing your ripped and broken clothes? Shoot me an email at! I'd love to give you some sewing advice.

Mid week is here! Gah, already?! I'm sewing all day again. Have a great day everyone! I think today I'm going to work on some new lingerie. I have a ton of hand dyed pieces to reconstruct.

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  1. Yayy you fixed my dress!! You can borrow it until I see you again, and then it's mine :)
    Thanks for fixing the zipper Sal, it looks great on you.


  2. That is gorgeous!! What a perfect summer dress! I have lots of dresses like that. Lots of dresses I want to take in. I really need to learn to sew! You totally inspire me to get on it!

    1. I can't wait to see your progress when you learn! You should blog about it when you do!! If only you were closer I could give you lessons :)

  3. I LOVE how pissed off kitty looks in the last pic! I love my cat dearly, but I have to crack up when she makes this face :)

    And for 2.5 years now my fav skirt has been in the closet with a broken zipper. I think it's been longer not wearing it than actually wearing it. How sad! I even bought a new zipper last year. Such a procrastinator!

    1. Clem is a huge brat haha I wish the picture had the groaning sound she makes included.

      I hope this post encourages you to sew that zipper soon!! :)