Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lorrie's Button

What a fun little spot in Grand Rapids! Lorrie's Button created by Hy Zelkowitz, was built in 1976, donated by the Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids. I found this while browsing the Michigan links on Tieka's blog for fun things to see while we were on vacation. I thought it would be super fun to visit this since I've been sewing for almost 20 years now, and buttons are a huge part of sewing!

Since this morning when we stopped at the button, we were road tripping to the middle of the state for a family visit, I was all about being casual and comfy. There's nothing more comfortable in my mind, than a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Plus, in the mornings, it's a little bit chilly in Michigan, even though it's the middle of summer! As much as summer is my favorite season since I can wear just a dress and nothing else all summer in Georgia, I'm looking forward to fall weather. I miss jeans!

Outfit details::
T-shirt:: Alexander Wang, best yard sale find ever! I'm pretty sure this t-shirt was $100+ brand new. And I would never spend that much on a t-shirt, but $5 at a yard sale I will do.
Jeans:: BCBG. Shoes:: Plato's Closet. Purse:: Thrifted. Sunglasses:: Guess.
(wow this outfit is so name brand for me!)

Matt is finally giving into my cheesy photo requests. He still huff and puffs here and there, but what's the point of my remote if we can't have a little fun with each other in pictures. I set my camera on a nearby covered (and clean) trashcan and set the zoom to just the right spot. Of all the times I forget my tripod at home, this trip was probably the most inconvenient time for that to happen. But we improvise.

Gotta love the morning dew on the button that made my behind wet for a good hour or so after this photo shoot. The things I do for this blog hehe. Such a fun little stop! I was a little sad to see some graffiti and writing on the button. I never understand people that have to deface public worlds and destroy public property. Bunch of jerks.

Want to know how to get to this button if you're in the Michigan area? Head on over to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and park. Walk past the fountain at the front of the museum and head down the sidewalk covered by the canopy of some small trees. You'll then walk past the final resting place of President Ford and his wife, Betty, be sure to stop here too!, and then keep walking and in about 20 yards you'll reach the button!

My handsome photographer with his 49 cent sunglasses from Valueland. More on our thrifting trip tomorrow! See what we found and what great deals we got at my most favorite thrift store in the whole wide world!

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  1. Yay! Lorrie's Button! I love that you visited this spot - so perfect for you. :)

  2. that's crazy! i just saw a giant monopoly game piece in philly today - gotta love quirky sculptures!

    1. I've seen those! So much fun. When looking up information on this one, I saw that Philly also has a giant clothes pin! I'd like to see that one in person :)