Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My messy workroom

Welcome to my studio! Here's a little sneak peek into my messy workspace. It's usually cleaner, I swear! I've been working so much lately, I feel like I've been neglecting my blog this last week since I've been back from Michigan, as I haven't left my sewing machine most days unless it's lunch or Zeus time. Since I wanted to show you all this skirt I made yesterday, I thought it'd be fun to show you my honest mess and where I work. Apologies for the grainy pictures, it was a grim day with little natural light.

My sewing machine sits in front of one of three fireplaces in my home. The mantle serves as a shelf for my ribbon, elastic, spray bottles, irons, and patterns. It's nice that existing features in the house work to my advantage. I've probably had this room set up four different ways, at least. After I finish one project, I completely rearrange the whole room. I think this was is my favorite so far. My desk sits in front of the window so I can get some fresh air, the previous location of my sewing machine.

I'm a vendor at a three day art festival next month, and I have not one, but two spaces. My 10x20 foot booth needs a lot of merchandise to fill the space! I'm making a ton of handbags, clutches, suitcase pet beds, lingerie, clothing, skirts, and more! My trusty Kenmore has seen much use, and my social life will definitely be compromised the next month, as I watch old 30 Rock episodes with the animals.

This fun skirt, above, I made from the bottom 20 inches of a vintage skirt I'd removed a few panels for other work, that I've been cutting into for years, here and there. It was probably twice as wide, and floor length. It was time to start getting ready for work and I thought it'd be nice to make myself something, and this fabric was begging to be used! I sewed what was left together, fixed the invisible seam, cut it to the right length, and create a elastic waist. Voila, comfy skirt!

Stella says hello blog readers! My cats are always glued to my ironing board and every piece of fabric I'm using. It's almost as if they're psychic and want to be in the way on purpose!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you enjoyed the little peek into my messy studio! Back to work for me. And I need coffee!!

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  1. I love the art. If you say that you found them at a thrift store I will be jealous. I never find good art. It's great that you have room to sew!

    1. Luckily, the giant painting came with my apartment when I moved in, the lady in the yellow skirt was from a used furniture store, and the one with the blue background is the original artwork from my spring show (

      But most of my art in my home is from a thrift store. I'm always hunting for something new! :)

  2. What a beautiful workspace you have there! Many thanks for sharing and keep those posts coming!