Thursday, August 2, 2012

Semiannual trip to Valueland

Agh! I got to go to my favorite thrift store in the entire world! It's probably my favorite because I have been shopping here for almost 15 years. I've bought more and had more memories here associated with thrifting than any other store. It's simply amazing, in my hometown of Muskegon, Michigan, and is called Valueland. Look it up if you're ever in the West Michigan area and GO! All my clothes that I didn't make in high school, my hideously beautiful loveseat in college, my Molly Ringwald boots that I've worn for 10 years that I just had to retire, and so much more has all come from this place. 

Since we went to Michigan for vacation last week, I, of course, had to bring Matt to this fantastic store. He vetoed the amazing lawn chair above that was hand strung by someone with an eye for funky colors. I tried convincing him it'd be awesome to have, but he just laughed and said "what world do you live in?" and then he called it ugly again. Stainless steel, will never rust: not a selling point for Matt.

Poor Matt has to deal with my thrifting and hoarding, and it's especially hard for him since we live together and I flood the house with finds that I just had to have! I'm trying to focus my thrifting into a more minimalist approach. Only buying the real jems and things that I will use. I also have this new "one in, one (or two) out" rule that I'm trying to apply to all household shopping. It's a success so far! I bought the above planter (intentional crazy cat lady face), since I have the exact same one, and couldn't pass it up for $1.49. I then gave it to my friend, Stephanie, where it now serves as a pen holder on her work desk.

Unfortunately, Matt didn't find any prized gems in the clothing department, but it wasn't for lack of trying. But I did find him a fun pair of vintage aviator sunglasses for 49 cents! 

Keep an eye out for the tutorial on this dress, coming soon! It will be a beautiful fall dress in no time!

A dress I passed on. While the fabric was awesome, and it was half off that day (everyday Valueland has two colors tags that are half off!), I know it would have been one of those dresses that sits in my work line for over 6 months, and then when I get to it, the final dress won't be that special. Tip: if you can go without something you think you need at the thrift store, you most likely can. Put it back and keep shopping. 

This skirt was my favorite find, besides a coral pair of high-waisted corduroy pants, and I wore it on my first day back to work at Stillwater yesterday. I love full length high waisted skirts. Bonus when it's shin length because I'm so tall. Yay. 

When we first got to Valueland, Mom put me on a $20 limit, a fun little challenge we like to give ourselves so we don't go too nuts and keep our impulses at bay, but I definitely did not make it. I spent about $45. Oops. Hey, it's not so bad since I only visit this store twice a year when I visit home!

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  1. i've also been trying to get less at thrift stores but it's SO HARD - so many treasures!

    1. agh I know, tell me about it!! I have such a hard time putting things back, but it's neccessary ha

  2. I love Valueland!!!
    My grandparents live in Muskegon and I always go when I visit them. It's probably one of my favorite thrift stores ever.

  3. That chair is the shit. I've resisted the urge to buy it on multiple occasions because Mike would have a fit if I brought that back to our tiny apartment. I'm so bummed I was out of town when you were here! Hopefully next time I'll catch you and we can do some thrifting together. Though that could be dangerous. I'm sure the last thing I need is someone to encourage me. I don't yet have the mind to get rid of something when I bring something else in.