Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Tunes - Arcade Fire

If you haven't heard this song or listened to Arcade Fire then hit play now! This band is breathtaking and phenomenal. Gahhh I don't even have words to describe how amazing this band makes me feel. It makes me feel my blood rushing through my veins and feel alive. They make life and the world more beautiful and make sense. Just listen. You will see.

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  1. I love this band, I saw them live at Austin City Limits festival a few years back and they are amazing!!! I haven't seen this video, I can't wait to get home where I have speakers and watch it :)


  2. Aaaaa!! This song cuts through me EVERY! TIME!

    Absolutely reminds me of the small town, in the middle of Nebraska, I lived in after college. I'm a commercial interior designer, and took the only job I could get at an architecture firm in an economic depression. There was no passion for design, creativity or ingenuity. I felt suffocated. The first verse always makes me want to cry, remembering how painful it was to ignore passion and "just punch the clock", how I felt like an outcast for caring! I've since moved to Kansas City and work for an extremely passionate firm-- thank goodness!!

    I know what you mean about Arcade Fire rushing through your veins and feeling alive! That is exactly how they make me feel! Especially "No Cars Go". Freaking Love That Song.