Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I made:: Floral dress from a mumu

This is what happens when I'm burnt out on sewing for work and decide to sew for myself, for once. Oddly enough, this dress I made out of the skirt of a vintage mumu has become the prototype for a new line of fun dresses I'm going to make. I can't wait to make a ton of these simple dresses with a double scoop neck and elastic waist.

The front of the skirt of the "mumu" was used to cut out the front piece, and the back of the dress is the back of the vintage garment, that's why there is a seam left of center on the back piece. It wasn't quite big enough for the length I wanted, so I had to fudge it, and make it work. (Everytime I hear "make it work" I think of Tim Gunn, anyone else?) When there isn't enough fabric for a garment such as this, and it's only two pieces two the dress, I use quilting techniques, merging small pieces with the bigger one, and top stitching in the ditch to secure the seam.

I've been slacking on making clothes lately. It's something I really want and need to dive into. Can I manage to add that to my work list? Gah. Lingerie. Purses. Wallets. Accessories. If only I could pick one. Not going to happen anytime soon though. Sometimes I beat myself up for not having a "focus", but I don't think I ever really will. I love making all kinds of things. If I focused on one specific thing, I'd go insane from the redundancy of sewing. Plus my undiagnosed ADD makes it great to jump around from project to project. I may or may not actually have ADD but I think whatever afflicts me with a short attention span, it's a good thing, except when I start out headed to my desk for a fabric pencil, then I find something to distract me, like, lace on my desk attached to vintage lingerie. Then I sit down and start seam ripping, then I have an epiphany and head to the kitchen to grab a snack. Next thing I know I'm baking a pie, forgetting what I was initially working on. It's bad ha. I've upped my caffeine and coffee helps me a lot! At the worst of it I'm frantically doing 10+ things, not even kidding.

Zeus has missed out photo shoots lately. He's been a big under the weather and has almost completely recovered, adding on a few more pounds. He's getting close to 105 pounds! And he still doesn't like my kisses in front of the camera. Stop being bashful, buddy.

BTW, I released my new collection of clutches in my Etsy shop. I took all of yesterday off, had a photo shoot in my kitchen, and spent all late afternoon and evening creating the listing. 24 clutches total! And one sold within 20 minutes of being listed. Makes all my hard work worth it. Tomorrow there will be a giveaway on Selective Potential to win one of my new clutches, so be sure to enter.

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  1. Love this dress and also, I quite like the offset seam in the back! I desperately want to do more clothing...thanks for inspiring!


  2. Wonderful job, this dress is so pretty. I now know what to do with all the lovely florals, but awful tent mumus I find in my thrift store bins!

  3. Your dress looks amazing! I love the cut, and the fun floral pattern! Also, I know what you mean about jumping around from one project to the next. I generally think I work better this way, but sometimes my routine fails me and I'm just too all over the place!

    Hope you're having a great day, and I will keep my eye out for that giveaway! Congrats on the launch of your new collection!

  4. I want a dress from the new line!! Get to sewing! ;)