Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blast from the past: "Sized down skirt"

Enjoy a tutorial blog post from over two years ago. Haven't changed a thing.. just reposting it. Lazy maybe? Naaah. Matt and I just gutted Shelby and we're tired. Headed to the movies to watch Hooper. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

I could almost fit two of myself inside of this skirt!

When I first moved down to Georgia, I walked into my sister's house in Evans to find a fully furnished bedroom, complete with stickies on everything, my own bathroom, and even projects and fabric for repurposing. My sister had bought this skirt for me to use the material. It was a size 18 skirt from Target, Merona brand.

So big, but notice no specific pleat pattern. Can keep the zipper in it's place an take it in evenly on the right side.
Using the same technique as my previous skirt tutorial, I cut this skirt down to a size 4 in about 20 minutes! It was so easy and now it is so cute! I love the pattern on the fabric. Any skirt similar to this takes just about the same about of time to resize.

Shorthand instructions:

  1. Pin the skirt to your size at the waistband and all the way down the skirt.
  2. Rip open seams where the waistband attaches to the skirt, and the top of the waistband. 
  3. Take in waistband amount that is pinned, both layer of waistband.
  4. Take in skirt where pinned.
  5. Sew waistband back together.
  6. Sew waistband to skirt.
  7. Sew lining of waistband to skirt but "stitching in the ditch"
  8. Cut excess threads.
See the actual tutorial for picture instructions.

I had just woken up form a two hour nap when I asked Rachael to take these pictures. I worked at David's Bridal all morning, got a little break, and I'm headed to the bar soon to work. She says to me, "You gonna put some makeup on your face?", sounding like the broken record that was my dad all through high school. Really Rachael? Haha. I asked her to repeat herself just so I could hear it again. Yup, she's a carbon copy of Paul. My dad always told me to wear makeup but I never really cared enough. I thought I was fine without it. After reexamining myself in the bathroom I touched my face up a little, and then we took some pictures.

Then! I called him to tell him to tell him how ridiculous she sounded, what she said, and he replies, "Well, I hope so!" Never changes. My dad cracks me up.

The finished skirt!
In this one she says, "Sally, you look like a bobblehead. You need to gain weight!" My sister is so nice.
I think it looks great with a plain white tank top. It really brings out the pattern of this skirt.
My necklace is a little mirror!

This skirt is perfect for my fall wardrobe since it never really gets cold here. And being a lightweight denim, it is long enough for breezy days.

Now I'm off to work. It's First Friday here in downtown Augusta, but it's storming outside. Hopefully it's a good night! Hope you all have a great weekend.

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  1. Nice refashion/remake of this skirt. Pretty print fabric.

  2. Love your new hairdo!! ...and the print too :)