Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blue on blue, Preview of the Secretary Collection

It's almost here. The Secretary Collection. My new little side project of conservative lingerie / bold dresses. Interchangeable from the bedroom to the street. AND made from recycled materials. My friend, Stephanie, was kind enough to model for me in a piece that looks like it was made just for her.  Stephanie is a local gallery owner, painter, and artist of all sorts.

More details soon.. I must get back to work! Only nine, agh eight more days until a huge local art festival, where I'll have a booth, and this line with be revealed. More clothing, tops, purses, home accessories as well. I'm so excited/nervous/anxious, this will be my biggest art festival showing. All that does not sell, will be up on Etsy the following week, and available for purchase!

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  1. Gorgeous! Good luck at the art festival!

  2. Such a good idea! Hope the art festival goes wonderfully :)