Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Insta-weekend. Arts Festival and satisfied customers

What a weekend! I had the BEST TIME! Sold a ton of merchandise, met some amazing people, and enjoyed some amazing food. I was a vendor at a local three day art festival, where my double booth displayed all of my work. Enjoy some pictures, Instagram style. I'm still recovering from the long weekend and getting my house in order. Big announcement coming by the end of the week! (I can't stay inactive for too long!)

Jessica, myself, and my friend Carrera. Both ladies found some great new clothes in my booth!

Kelcie in a Sally Ann repurposed skirt.

Sam in a Sally Ann shirt.

Jessica in a Sally Ann hair bow. I love the zipper detail on this one!

The cops are coming for Ursula! Public indecency! 

Lauren in a repurposed Sally Ann skirt!

Sarah, my best friend and local jewelry artist, with her daughter Maura in a hair bow I made.

Talk about hooking em in when they're young! My friend, Erin, owner of Stella Salon and Spa, has her daughter pose with a purse I made, that she wore that day to the festival.

A pup getting comfortable in my suitcase pet beds.

Angela and her "The Clash" cassette wallet.

My friend, Katie, decked out in all handmade goods. Skirt and shirt made by me, jewelry by Sarah of Cribbledy Goodness.

What I wore on Saturday (more on this outfit tomorrow), a dress from the Secretary collection.

Matt and I. ♥

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  1. Your clothes are amazing! Great job! And those pet beds are so cute!

  2. I love EVERYTHING that EVERYONE is wearing in these pictures! The first skirt, that low back floral top, the hairbows! Ah, girl, you are so talented!! These photos are great.