Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I wore to Arts in the Heart
Secretary Collection Kitty Dress

While sewing last week, I made this dress I'm wearing above. Sometimes there is that rare piece I made that I just cannot part with. This piece was such. A part of the Secretary collection of lingerie and dresses I'm making, this dress was made from the top of a vintage hand dyed slip, and a women's silk blouse. The blouse because the skirt of the new dress, keeping the button down front for added repurposed accent. Major selling point: the print of the dress is cats! Definitely something I couldn't put up for sale. And it fit me like a glove. So perfect. I can't wait to make more of these using silk blouses for the skirt. 

 Here I am at my booth this past weekend. Like my sign? I made it myself!

 My booth was exactly what I had imagined. All the fixtures were a matching shade of pistachio, while all the signs a complimenting red. More pictures tomorrow of the details of my booth. 

Love this guy so much. Without Matt, Arts in the Heart wouldn't have been the same. He helped me so much along the way and all weekend. He was my cashier, strong hands, builder, ran my errands, brought me food all weekend since I couldn't really leave my booth. Man, a three day festival is rough!

See the cat bed with red legs behind me, I totally kept that one for Clementine and Stella. When I got home from the festival they were more interested to lay on the bubble wrap used in packaging pottery I bought from Greek Goddess Pottery, so I put the bubble wrap and cat nip on the bed, voila, cats LOVE it. I vowed not to keep any beds, but they didn't all sell. So if you're local, email me or check out my Facebook page for pictures of remaining cat beds! On sale for $25.

Matt, Brian, and Ashley being silly Saturday night with some lingerie. A few beers at the end of each day definitely helped my nerves and sore feet feel a little better. And the beer selection! Craft beer is always a plus. I'm not a Bud Light kind of girl, Yuengling Octoberfest and Shocktop's Wheat IPA were among my favorites.

Hope you all had a great weekend! I'm still recovering; my craft room is still swamped with things to unpack and pack up for storage. I'm really contemplating getting a small camper like Kaelah's Honeybean from Little Chief Honeybee for my booth storage and mobile shop. The bigger Sally Ann gets, the more storage and mobility I will need! 

What did you get into this past weekend?

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