Friday, October 19, 2012

A walk on the levee

Morning walks with Zeus are the best, especially with this lovely fall weather! I love forcing myself to get out of the house bright and early, coffee in hand, Zeus in the other. This morning we drove down to the river and went for a walk along the levee and River Walk.

One of my favorite things in Augusta, the Savannah River. Not enough people in our city take advantage of this beautiful place and all it has to offer. It's only a block from our downtown, and the state line separating Georgia and South Carolina. I take Zeus for a swim in the river at least once a week, he loves it! The Lab in him loves to swim until he's about to fall over.

He was crying like a little baby for the few minutes we took pictures because poor Zeus couldn't run up and down the steps of the amphitheater... such a spoiled boy. I still love the tranquil look of our photo above, regardless of his restlessness. For his good behavior I took him swimming a few blocks down at the boat launch, and for a nice long walk.

After telling him, "Up" Zeus normally jumps up and gives me his hands, we hug, and it makes for a silly picture. Well, this time, Zeus caught the bottom of my skirt on the way up and gave a nearby jogger man a quick show of what I had under my skirt. Thanks, Zeus. Thank goodness the picture didn't catch it, but it makes for a funny photo. 

Whew, I can't believe it's Friday already? Ugh, already! Every week flies by quicker than the last, and I feel like I haven't accomplished much at all. I look at a calendar, see how close my next show is, and want to put my head in the oven! It's going to be here before I know it. And then, I had a rough week dealing with car repairs, work chaos, organizational meltdowns, and the regular ADD bouts. I am kicking myself into full work mode today, finishing up all my "to-do's", or else! Next week, Matt is helping me buckle down and practice some time saving exercises, and disciplining myself a bit more. Working from home is difficult for someone (ME) who is easily distrated. "Oh look, a cat!" is generally the easiest way for me to get off task. Gah, I'm rambling.... anyways... At least today is a beautiful day.

And the best part about morning walks and swims with Zeus, he'll sleep for a good three hours, allowing me to get some work done sans doggy nudges.

Happy Friday, friends! I'm off to Chattanooga tomorrow for Beca from Tales of a Tumbleweed's Southern Blogger Mixer. I can't wait to meet everyone! I'm finishing up some goodies I'm contributing to the gift bags before lunchtime, and then sewing my heart away until 4pm, when I head to work.

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  1. Zeus is SO cute! Can't believe he tried to pull your skirt up though :D

  2. so glad to meet you! Thanks for coming to the event and I hope we see you again soon!