Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back to basics

What every happened to plain ol' jeans and a t-shirt? I sometimes giggle while browsing through fashion blogs, Lookbook, and Chicopia type sites, where it's appears to be a contest of who can dress the craziest. Oh what it's like to be young and crazy with fashion. I used to be very out there, wearing the strangest things. But as I get older, I become more tame and muted with my fashion statements. Today was one of those days. And as the days get chillier, I'm all about comfort! 

It's official. My fall signature look: dark jeans and a white top. Belted. Boots or Toms. Middle Part. Classic. I LOVE IT! The middle part is a whole new thing for me. I secretly had so many flyways on my side part I kind needed to give that a break. I think I need to invest in some flyaway styling product or something. My hair is getting so long these things are becoming noticeable. I'm not used to it! My hair hasn't been this long since freshman year of college!

Outside of a closed down Coca-cola bottling plant, Zeus and I took a morning stroll in downtown Augusta. I've wanted to shoot here for months and months, ever since I ran by this building with Matt (back when we attempted running, ha!). It's at 5th and Reynolds for all you local readers. Just a few blocks from my residence in historic Old Towne. 

In other news, I'm 17 days into 30 days of sobriety. It's going amazingly well. My brain is sharper, wit quicker, and my body feels great. Although I have to be honest, as I promised myself I would be, I did have a glass of wine last weekend. I don't think this is cheating, but maybe it kinda sorta is. Oh, well. I'm still considering myself in my state of sobriety. That's the one thing I miss the most, red wine. My dad told me the other day that I will eventually not like the taste of alcohol, but he's nuts. I love the taste of red wine, a good ale, a vodka soda, and a good scotch on the rocks. I just need to have these in moderation and only on weekends with the occasional weekday cocktail after this 30 days is up. Oh yeah! I almost forgot. I've lost over 8 pounds! Nutritionists aren't kidding when they tell you drinking is fattening. I don't look any different, but I can tell (when I'm not clothed). 

It's amazing how sobriety, (vs. the casual alcohol consumption I was taking part in beforehand) makes it feel as if there are so more hours in the day! I am so incredibly busy with my casting call tonight, booking holiday craft shows, renovating Shelby, pet sitting a mastiff last weekend, buying a new car, and so many other crazy things going on. Thank goodness I quit two weeks ago, I don't know how I'd manage all the stress. A friend of mine last night told me I work more than any other human. It made me giggle but sometimes I feel like it's true. I even started a weekly videocast that I will progressively make longer and longer. It's currently around two minutes each week. Sign up here.

I hope you're all having super productive weeks. I'm putting the finishing touches on some work for my casting call this evening, with a fat cat on my lap keeping me warm in my chilly house. Clem is the best heating pad! Soon, I'm off to the library to print questionnaires for the models tonight and some other paper work. Hooray it's almost Friday!

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  1. i don't think you can ever go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt. and i agree, people hae gotten crazy with their outfits (but i often wonder if it's just for the pictures, and not actually worn in everyday life).

    also, zeus is so handsome!

  2. I love your hair parted in the middle!

  3. What a great place for a photo shoot! I totally agree a white shirt and jeans can be absolutely perfect.


  4. Hi Sally!

    Love this post! I agree, sometimes its best to stick to the basics. Lord knows I do love a good fitting pair of denims with pretty much anything!

    Really enjoying your blog and good luck with the 30 days!

    xx Tasha