Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from Robert Palmer and his ladies

Best. Halloween. Ever. Happy Halloween everyone. I've been saving these pictures for today. Matt, Jessica, and myself dressed up last Saturday night. Can you tell what our costume is? Robert Palmer and his supermodel band ladies from the music video, Addicted to Love.

When figuring out what black dresses we'd wear, Matt insisted they be long sleeved like the video, exactly like the video he said. I went to Salvation Army, last minute of course, on Friday and these where the only black long sleeved dresses they had! They were size 16 and 14! I cut them both down to our size. The best part about halloween costumes, no one inspects the seams, so I just haphazardly put darts here and there to make it work. Together, both dresses only cost $3! Jessica brought me a pair of pantyhose, and I purchased hair grease and some stilettos (how on Earth did I not own a pair of black platform high heels?! All my shoes are low heels.). The guitar and bass were borrowed from some friends and we were set. We found Matt a silly wig and a little toy microphone and speaker set, on which we programmed the song. Kids toys are amazing these days! I downloaded an app and synced the MP3 to the toy. Absolutely amazing!

And yes. We even performed on stage. This music venue, Sky City, is where I host all my fashion shows, and we're friends with the owner. He asked us to jump up on stage between bands. It was a hoot! Matt sang along with the song and we pretended to play.

Being silly playing our instruments all night. Unfortunately not many people were dressed up downtown on Saturday. I think there were a lot of Halloween parties at homes that night. But we still had a blast regardless. There were a few bars we walked into, and then right back out, when NO ONE in the entire place was in costume and the stares were too much. They had to just be jealous because we were so cool, right? 

"Are you Sally or Jessica? Not sure if I should kiss you... hmmm..." hehe. Thank goodness Matt could tell us apart. That'd make for an awkward friendship between Matt and Jessica if he slipped up. 

What did you dress up as for Halloween? Or what are you wearing tonight? I'm going to work dressed as a cat. Big surprise, right? I'm excited to paint my face all crazy and wear some cat ears. Happy Halloween, friends!

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