Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hey local ladies, this is tomorrow! For my next show, which is scheduled for December 8th, I decided to do something a little different: an open casting call for models. The previous winter and spring shows had 13 and 17 models, respectively, and they were all women that I know around town, that I convinced or asked to model for me. I thought about this next show long and hard, and I realized that I was leaving out, unintentionally, many women that would be great for this, simply because I do not know them.

So the open casting call was set. It will be tomorrow night at Sky City, the same venue where I have the runway shows. Women will fill out a questionnaire, fill out a simple contract, agreeing to rules and stipulations of the show, and then walk the runway a few times. They will have to get the timing right, pause at the right spot on the catwalk, and all that jazz. Since it's open to the public, other people will be there watching them walk. A little test as to how they will perform when 500 people are staring at them in negliges of my winter collection.

Hope to see you all (locals, that is) at Sky City tomorrow! Remember, models can be 18+, but if you are coming to attend and not audition, you must be 21+.

Wanna see videos of my last fashion shows? Check out my Vimeo page!

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