Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sewing Notions - Thrift Haul

My favorite thing to thrift is sewing supplies and notions (and cats of course!)! Vintage zippers are the best and make my day when I find a little stash of them hiding at my favorite thrift shop. Last week, I had some luck at a local shop, while I was supposed to only be dropping off a garbage bag in my trunk. I just couldn't help myself. With vintage zippers priced around 75 cents a piece, and most of the time enamel coated metal zippers, they're way better than the plastic ones that are manufactured now. I also found a few promising blouses, slips to dye and rework, and some by the yard fabric!

Am I the only one that absolutely hates shopping at Joann Fabrics?! Unless it's for needles for my machine, or treating myself to a new pair of sewing shears, I have no need to enter that place since all my fabric is second hand. Actually, the only thing I really buy there is elastic, interfacing, and needles, and the few notions I can't find at thrift stores. Plus, at least half of the time, the women are so condescending towards me, like they're master seamstresses or something, and I'm a clueless crafter. I hate that! Plus, zippers at Joann's are at least $2 each! Maybe I'm cheap, but that's a bit too expensive for a zipper. I'd much prefer to find them for 75 cents each and mainly use vintage metal zippers. I'd rather hunt for zippers at thrift stores, knowing my money is staying local, helping out a women's shelter or those in need, than give my hard earned money to a corperation like Joann's. 

And the cats love the smells of everything from the thrift stores! It's like a magnet. I come home and sort out my finds on my island in the kitchen, and the cats are there in no time. Clem loves to sleep on my fabric before it hits the washing machine. 

This pattern!?!! I can't wait to make myself a fun bandeau top! I really want to make a high waisted skirt and matching bustier top.

Causing trouble every chance they get. Clementine and Stella are so silly. I feel like a bad cat mom, since they haven't been too present in recent blog posts. Zeus has been bogarting most photo opps, but they're still very much in my way and a part of my sewing day. Stella's favorite spot lately is behind the small of my back on my office chair while I blog and work on my computer. Do any other cat owners secretly love it when colder weather approaches because it makes for more snuggly cats? I hate the cold but love my sweet girls when it's cold out. It's crazy that at 6 years old, and I've had her since she could fit in my hand, Stella has never been a lap cat. But recently, she is walking across my lap and staying, and letting me hold her for long periods of time. I give it another year and she'll be a brat lap cat like Clementine. 

What do your cats do when you're working? Are they little pests like these girls? I'd love to hear about it! Sewing day again today. Happy Thursday friends!

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  1. I use mostly thrifted notions and material too! Estate Sales are great too for finding old patterns, zippers, buttons and all kinds of great sewing stuff!

  2. Sally, I love your blog. I have been following for some time. I am mostly a gardener in good weather and crochet-er in cold weather. Thrifter and animal lover, having 3 cats, a turtle, and what ever else crawls to the door to be nursed to health. My cats each have thier favorite loves to steal yarn balls, the other loves to steal seed packets, and the last steal leaves and small veggies as soon as I turn my back in the kitchen. I find greenbeans everywhere!

    Again, I love you blog and you've inspired my to re-learn sewing. I learned as a very young girl on a antique Singer. I just inherited 2 relatively unused older machines - Singer HD110 and a Singer Imperial 7000. I am going to have them serviced and look for a local instructer here in CT to reteach me the basics. If you know of any pass them along!

    Looking forward to your many adventures!

  3. Hi there!

    Sofia from buttonsandthreads here, will definitely stop by your blog often for inspiration and ideas for new sewing projects. :) Thank you so much for an inspirational blog!

  4. Yes! I also hate Joann's! Everything is super over-priced. Next time you're in Chicago, look up Textile Discount Outlet on 21st St. (if you haven't been there already.) 3 huge warehouse floors of EVERYTHING. It's nuts. Oh yes, and the zippers there are like, 75 cents. I have a whole drawer full of them.