Monday, October 22, 2012

Southern Blogger Mixer

This past weekend, Sunshine and I traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee for a blogger mixer, to meet up with some southern blogger ladies, talk shop, and have a nice little time together. I met some great women: BecaDanielleHilleryBethAmyMary and Amanda. Beca and Danielle hosted, with an amazing spread of food (check out Beca's blog for more on the food).

We also made little terrariums in glass bulbs. Great for me since I have a black thumb and kill every plant I touch! With a little dirt and moisture, moss and other lives things, there terrariums will flourish with sunlight and just being there. No work or watering required. Awesome. (I kill everything, although my cat nip plant has lasted a few weeks. Fingers crossed. Matt may be secretly watering it.).

Start with dirt and use sticks to push the moss and other things inside. Amy and Hillery, above, are hard at work. 

Hooray you will not die on my watch. It's so pretty and is currently hanging in my kitchen.

Beca with her terrarium. Thanks so much for the great event, Beca! She and Danielle put together goodie bags for all of us, and they were so great. Full of 45s from a Tennessee recording studio, pie pops, pistachio brittle, and a Danielle gave everyone a 2013 calendar from Dinosaur Toes. Tonight's plans are tea and records with Matt. I can't wait to have a listen.

My partner-in-crime for the day, Sunshine. We both live in Augusta and made the trek together. Can you believe we met through blogging?! A common friend introduced her to my blog and we became online friends, then finally met in person about a year ago. She's great. 

Why a blogger mixer you ask? I had the same question presented to me when telling people about my Saturday plans. There were confused. Well as a blogger, I am in my own little world 90% of my day, communicating with colleagues and "friends" through email and comments. There are no real 'rules' to this online community of sharing our passions, professions, and lives, so this little event served as a way to meet other in our region, that share so much, and also so little in what we all do. 

I loved that the only thing we all had in common was blogging. Beca makes sunglasses, Danielle jewelry, Beth blogs about recipes and Tennessee, Amy makes pretty things, Hillery creates hair accessories, Steph (Sunshine) blogs about film and television and her awesome dogs Mulder and Scully, and other ladies blog about their work. I'd love to host another one of these in Augusta, although I don't know how many bloggers in the area would make the hike to our little city.

Did you know that Sunshine is also my 'graphic designer'? She created my lovely banner and buttons, and revamped my blog for me a while back. We had the best car ride, listening to sweet tunes, and chatting about life.

And Chattanooga was such a sweet little city. Up in the mountains, fresh air, clean streets, and beautiful in every way. I can't wait to drag Matt back for a fun weekend sometime in the future. Maybe we'll bring Zeus along, toting Shelby as well for some camping and adventures along the foothills of the mountains.

Hope you all have a great productive Monday! I'm busy busy all day, sewing and meetings and errands. Also have to make time to research some electrical stuff for Shelby. Tomorrow's post will be out day three demolition and the start of rebuilding! 

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  1. It was really great meeting you, and your makeup bag is super cute. I can't wait to start putting my makeup in it.

  2. i'm glad you took lots of pictures, because apparently i was feeling lazy in that regard! it was so nice meeting you, and i hope we'll see each other again at another mixer!