Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back when Victoria's Secret was sexy...

Back when breasts were natural, hips were sexy, and lingerie accentuated the natural curves of your body, Victoria's Secret still made sexy lingerie. These images are all from the 1979 lingerie catalog from VS. A huge difference from what you see in today's catalogs and malls.

The Wonder Bra is to blame. Invented in the 1990s, it ruined women's idea of themselves, and created this idea that we had to change our cup size to be sexy. Ugh. Makes me want to vomit when I walk into a Victoria's Secret and I see a bra that advertises an increase of not just one, but two cup sizes. What?!

Take a look at these beautiful women in lingerie. So much sexier than today's catalogs and the skinny models that fill them, with breasts that are painfully pushed together and up to their chin. Such a huge difference in what is "sexy" today. I love these pictures so much. And it's not weird how they're hanging out with ferns and silk rugs in lingerie together. Right? Ha. Slightly creepy but that was the photography style back then as well.

Clearly, I was born in the wrong era. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Tunes - Kimbra "Cameo Lover"

Another Kimbra video. I can't help it. I can't stop watching this video and listening to her album. It gets me dancing in my sewing chair when I work at home all day. I want to have a poofy bob with a bright pink dress and dance like Kimbra in this video. Enjoy friends.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pensacola Beach Bums
What I Wore:: Twin Syndrome High Rise Bottoms

While I showed you one of the best things about Florida, the thrifting, now to show you the other, the beach! Rachael, Mom and I had a great day sleeping in the sun, walking the beach, and enjoying the sunshine. Someday soon I will live a little closer to the beach. Very soon. We grew up on Lake Michigan and all of our summers were filled with swimming, sand castles, being buried up to our necks in sand. 

As soon as we got to our blankets, we passed out in the sun. My favorite thing in the world. Sleeping on the beach. The sounds of the gulls, waves, and people on the beach put me right to sleep if I get to the beach and I'm the slightest bit tired. An hour later, I woke up a little crispy. 

Mom's first vacation in years, she walked up and down the beach collecting shells. The winds were so intense we weren't allowed to swim, but it was great for washing shells up on the shore. Mom found some real gems! We drove down to Pensacola on Monday, after Mom had flown down to Augusta for my fashion show. We decided our stay in Florida would be filled with beach times, thrifting, and as carefree as possible. We all needed some down time. Mom works in retail, talk about stressful, and I had spent months preparing my new line, and Rachael is an instructor in a high stress job. 

What I wore: High Rise Retro Bottoms from Twin Syndrome on Etsy. Top thrifted from Goodwill, the bottoms were hideous but I knew the bra top would go great with these bottoms. I like the high rise bottoms because they protect my tattoo on my back from the sun. My large back piece extends from my bra line down to lower back. And any of you with tattoos know that the sun is your enemy! 

The beach is easily my favorite place in the world. It's in my blood. I can't wait to spend as many weekends as possible at the beach this summer! Matt and I are going up to Wilmington, North Carolina in a few weekends to spend the weekend with my friend at her beach house. It's going to be amazing! It will be the farthest north I have seen the Atlantic Ocean. I still compare all beaches to Lake Michigan. Can't help it.

What is your favorite beach spot?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thrifting in Florida with Rachael
Tips and Tricks to finding gems

The best part about Florida, besides the beaches, are the thrift stores! It is incredible how much better thrifting is in Florida compared to anywhere I have ever been. Think of all of the elder folks that retire, move their mass of belongings with them, and then the time comes that they get rid of everything. We joke around, and it's not the nicest to say, but people move to Florida and die, so thrifting is a gold mine there. 

I mean, just check out this furniture section. If only I had a bigger rental car, I'd fill it with the beautiful vintage couches that are never more than $30, or the sewing machines that come in the wood cabinets and are less than $50. I am always amazed at the beautiful things I find, and sadly can't buy everything.

Biggest tip I can give you to thrifting: bring a tape measure! Sometimes you are wearing an outfit that doesn't really allow for the convenience of trying everything on. Knowing your measurements and how to measure clothing is key. You spot something you love, why waste 20 minutes getting a dressing room to find it's an inch too small, when you can just whip out a tape measure and know in less than a minute! And it allows for you to keep an eye out for that special girlfriend of yours, and I have more than one I do this for, that you see a vintage piece and just can't leave the store without getting it for her. Know her measurements and she'll love the surprise!

The cutest skirt that I found, for only $2.50, it was half off $4.99. I love stretchy high waisted skirts. They are so comfortable and neutral colors like this one, above, are very versatile. I wore this one on the car ride home with Mom; seven hours in a  car was never more comfortable!

What I wore: vintage polyester dress from my friend Jessica, of Vintage Vanity, a thrifted 90s belt, and Aldo shoes I stole from Rachael. A very mix-matched outfit that somehow felt very pulled together with my blue in my hair giving everything the added pizazz. I've been so matchy-matchy lately, and that's not how I generally am. I've always been that cliche weirdo that is all over the place not matching. Feels good to get back to my roots.

Rachael found me these amazing purple Bongo shorts. Just my size! Sweet score! And the rest ones fit her perfectly. We knew from measuring the waist. When measuring the waist of shorts on a hanger, be sure they are stretched straight across the grips of the hanger, with no sag along the center of the waistband. If there is, they will measure smaller than they actually are. I wore them the next day when we went to Destin, known as the home to the most beautiful beaches in the United States.

And check out this fantastic purple silk blouse Rachael (well, I actually found it) found. Being the sisters that we are, we tend to take things without asking and boss each other around. I found this blouse and said, "Oh my gosh, Rachael, LOOK!" And she grabbed it and said, "Oh great, thanks, Sally, I love this." And when I told her, no that's mine, she wasn't having it. I should have packed it in my suitcase while she was sleeping, forgot that one haha.

What are you favorite thrift store finds? Stores? Tell me about it!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sunday dinner with family and friends

After my crazy night on Saturday, my mom, Matt and friends went to the brunch, the pool and did absolutely nothing that required energy, until it came time for dinner. It was the last night we would all be together. Kirsten and Steven flew in from Michigan, as did my mom. Jessica and David also joined Matt and I for an amazing dinner in which we all contributed.

Mom's prosciutto and arugala salad. This will be the highlighted recipe this week. It is so yummy we even made it a few days later for Rachael.

You will need:

  • arugula
  • prosciutto
  • asiago
  • cherry tomatoes
  • fresh garlic
  • olive oil
Cut the cherry tomatoes in half lengthwise and roast for 20 minutes at 350 degrees with light salt and pepper. Pan fry the prosciutto in olive oil with a few cloves of chopped fresh garlic while the tomatoes roast. Pour the hot prosciutto and tomatoes over the arugala and sprinkle over top fresh asiago. 

Dinner was chicken fajitas by Matt, black bean salsa made by Kirsten and Steven. My secret cheese dip with chips, cheese and crackers. And for dessert I made pineapple apple crisp. What a great dinner. I love cooking with everyone in my massive kitchen. Kirsten, Jessica, Mom and I were all joking around while cutting up veggies and prepping the food that we felt like sister wives or like we were all living together commune style. Haha that'd be the day.

Great night with my family. All of them, even though they are friends, are my Georgia family (minus Sarah that couldn't make it) and I love them all. Cheers and to many more dinner in my kitchen with friends.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fashion show recap, hellos from Florida...

Following my show on Saturday, I spent a day at the pool and then headed south for some R & R with my mom and sister. I'm currently enjoying a few days in Florida, headed back to Georgia on Thursday. Rachael, my sister, lives in Pensacola, Florida and this week has been heaven. What a crazy few months it was building up to the show! I feel so motivated to jump back into work after such a successful show, but a vacation was just what I needed. Enjoy a few pictures before I head back to Georgia and really show you some great stuff from the event. 
Matt and I.

My friend, Kirsten, and her boyfriend Steven came all the way from Michigan for the show. They surprised me last Tuesday with the news! I've know this lady, above, since we were 8 years old. We'll miss out on chatting for a few months, but it's like we talk everyday the way we get each other. I couldn't believe she came. Even after the runway show, she came backstage crying tears of joy and pride, so happy and proud of me. Love this girl!

Virginia and Cory. Lovely ladies on the runway.

My mom's arm and iPhone taking a picture!


I have so many new things planned I can't wait to get back to Georgia and get back to work! The first of four videos from the show comes out tomorrow, as well as more photos!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fashion show!

The show was last night. AND IT WENT SO WELL! More photos to come. 
I'm going to go relax by a pool all day. See some photos here.

Friday, April 13, 2012

And now comes the daunting task...

...of listing my new line on Etsy. Does everyone else hate doing this as much as me. If only I weren't such a perfectionist and so picky I'd hire someone; I hate it that much. Thankfully the admins at Etsy have really simplified the process. Years ago it was murder!

*sigh* And now my head will be buried in my computer for a few hours.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I wore to the Augusta National - Transforming Vintage Plaid Pants

Before: Exactly a year ago, when I originally planned on wearing these shorts to Augusta National. Long story short, ticket plans fell through and we didn't go last year. These pants though, a friend bought them at the thrift store for me when he was thrifting, knowing well enough that I would love them. Talk about having an affinity with a friend when they shop at the thrift store for you and hit the nail right on the head! They are a polyester plaid with an elastic band along the back waistband. The plaid screams golf!

It's funny how different I looked a year ago. Kinda makes me want to cut my hair, but that can't happen. I'm shooting for super long, and I'm so close! I've always been very expressive and impulsive with my hair. These days, as I grow older, I'm trying to have more self control and restraint. Not cutting my hair when I want to is difficult!
After! I cut them the desired length plus 4 inches or so. I used the excess fabric to make a folded look along the hemline. Had they been a little baggy, I would have added elastic in the casing, making them more like bloomers. See a sweet pair I made from high wasted denim shorts here. And read about Matt and I at the Masters tournament here.

I loved so much dressing for the Masters. Almost the highlight of the day. I wish I could have worn different shoes, but walking around in grass all day doesn't allow for cute kitten heels or leather flats. TOMS were my best option. And then Matt and I got matching sunburns. So cute. Haha.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For a ride of a lifetime

Did you know James Brown is from Augusta, Georgia? This mural is located a few blocks from my house and I just love it! Jessica and I rode our bikes downtown at lunchtime the other day, and stopped for a little photo shoot on our way home. The photos are all taken with my iPhone, I wish I would have thought ahead and brought my camera and tripod so we could have a little more fun. Next time.
Aren't my bikes beautiful? The left bike is my Schwinn Le Tour III. Mid 1970s 10 speed. I recently had the tires and brakes replaced and the handle bars rewrapped. Next I'll probably get a new seat. Until recently, everything on this bike was completely original. The tires miraculously weren't dry rotted! Someone had this bike sitting in a garage for 30 years, I'm sure.

On the right is my 3 speed Huffy. A gift from a friend (he wound up at my house on his bike with two flat tires and said, just take it). Late 1960s, early 1970s. I replaced both tires and tubes, added a basket, replaced the handle grips and the seat, and just recently had the brakes replaced. Good as new! Jessica loved it so much, and I rarely ride it (I prefer my Schwinn), so I told Jessica it's hers. It will stay at my house of course, so I can force her into riding with me on weekends. It was truly the perfect day for riding and we had such a great day together.

Being silly. We must have taken 5 or 6 pictures before I was at the right spot in the air. The outtakes are a hoot! I can't wait to take more biking adventure pictures with my real camera and tripod. 

Probably my favorite picture of Jessica ever! It completely captures her sass and personality. She is a really beaut! Can you recognize who Jessica is related to (long-time readers)?! Her sister is Kaitlyn, my friend and student when Kaitlyn was still in high school. Kait is now almost done with her first year of college. Oh how time flies. 

Really looking forward to more biking around downtown in the coming week. My mom flies in on Friday for my show and I think I'll take her for a little spin around the neighborhood, weather permitting. She'll absolutely love it here! Yay! Such a great week it's been.

Have a great day everyone!