Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brooklyn Flea

One of the most popular attractions in Brooklyn, 'Brooklyn Flea' was so much fun to visit and shop!  Matt and I went during out trip to NYC on Saturday. BF's winter location in the former Williamsburg Savings Bank. Vendors were in the former vault in the basement, behind teller windows, and in old offices. Handmade vendors, vintage sellers, food vendors, furniture vendors, 100+ were there. It was great! Enjoy some photos of the market and some of my favorite vendors, below.

Anne Arden McDonald. She handcrafts the most beautiful jewelry from found objects. She uses a negative space method with wax and molds. One ring was from a mold of lace, another of bones, another of rolled wax. See her jewelry here.

Loyalty and Blood. This husband and wife team design t-shirts, jewelry, totes, and more. I bought the cutest wildcat t-shirt from them. I love man and wife companies. If only I can convince Matt to become apart of my Sally Ann company full-time, we'd be super cool like these guys, and take on the world. Oh, and this is the awesome shirt I got, but mine was on a cream shirt, blue print. You'll see it soon enough in an outfit post.

Up on the mezzanine, overlooking the marketplace below. We fell in love with the handmade dining room tables and desks on this level by A Little Of India, and respected the artists' "no picture" policy. You can see their work here

Osborn Design. These shoes are ah-may-zing! If only I had budgeted to spend $100+ dollars on shoes during this trip, these would be mine, and I'd possibly even buy two pairs. The next pair of shoes I buy will be from this designer. Shop their shoes here.

McClure's Pickles. A Michigan/New York family enterprise, two brothers and their family make pickles in Detroit, Michigan. And oh my are they tasty pickles. Damn the FAA for not allowing over 3 oz. of fluids on a plane. I tried the testers but couldn't buy pickles since they couldn't come home with me. Although they were so good, I probably could have finished the jar before our flight left ha. I'll definitely be shopping online in the near future. Their bloody mary mix was also very tasty. Shop here. While their website sells things in the cases, you'll have to buy a TON of pickles in one order.

Here are links to some other great artist at Brooklyn Flea we loved:
-Roots In Rust, unique plant arrangements
-Hazel Village, adorable stuffed animals
-Flux Productions, beautiful handmade leather bags
-Wrecords by Monkey, upcycled vinyl goods
-Sharon London, vintage & design

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  1. I love flea markets! This one looks pretty spectacular. :)

  2. Wow Sally! First of all, I love the new blog design :)

    Secondly, what a great time it seems like you had at the Flea Market. I'm super jealous! So many great independent designers in one space.