Monday, January 7, 2013

Coming soon from Sally Ann

Coming soon from Sally Ann: couples sets! And just in time for Valentine's Day! The new sets are still 100% recycled, made from hand dyed vintage slips and vintage clothing. The men's piece is simple  low-rise boxer shorts, made from the remnants of the women's negliges. A fun set to wear around the house, they're extremely comfortable. And who doesn't want to match?!

As you can see from the above shot, the men's boxers were made from the scraps of two separate women's pieces. The two tone low cut boxers are very comfortable, I'm told. The women's piece, above, was made from the bodice of a hand dyed slip, and the skirt, a vintage blouse, buttons still intact and functional.

Stay tuned this week for more details on this collection. More details and pricing very soon. And be sure to contact me ( if you're interested in a custom set for you and your special someone. Valentine's Day is fast approaching!

Thanks to Matt and Fox, my model friends lent their time to showcase my new works and braved the Georgia winter for a little photo shoot, done by yours truly! I'm so excited to finally dive into photographing my work with models. The shoot was a huge success, and I'm so thankful to have such beautiful people showcasing my designs.

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  1. what a great idea, especially with Valentine's Day next month. Great job on the photography too!

  2. These photos are really great! Well composed, great mood. And I am known for being especially harsh on photography work (aside from self-timer shots). :)