Friday, January 18, 2013

Crocheted iPad Case

Taking a break from my Afghan, I was inspired by a recent blog post from Rebecca of The Manzanita Blog to have my hand at a something new. I crocheted a pretty little case for my iPad. Maybe this will be incentive to use it more!

The case that was protecting my iPad was boring, black leather, poor quality craftsmanship, and not as pretty as I'd have liked it to be. But it sufficed since it was purchased when I first got the iPad, and I knew I'd eventually get something prettier. Well, that was over a year ago, and the black case drove me crazy. Instead of spending money on another case I know I won't like since it's new, I figured I could just make something with what I had lying around the house. Nothing new!

In my yarn drawer, I found an old baby blanket that I quit halfway in. It was super soft, striped pinks and grays, perfect for this project! Using a size G hook, I unraveled the blanket as I crocheted the case, and the changes in color, that on the blanket were lined up perfectly. It made for an interesting irregular color pattern on the case. After a few episodes of American Horror Story, voila. Done! 

Along the last row, in the center back, I chained a row of 10-12 stitches and then stitched a single crochet in the same stitch, then finished the row. This created a loop for the button. Then, I used the last little scrap of yarn to attach a button to keep the iPad snug in it's case. I used all but about 10" of the yarn used in the blanket. I'm so in love with the final case!

Since this one is finished, and I'm not quite done with season 2 of AHS, I'm making one that Matt can slip on the iPad when he takes it with him somewhere. Poor Matt would hate lugging it around in a pink case. I'm still using scarp balls of yarn, and combining them to waste little to no yarn. So far, his will be dark green, blue, and tan.  

Do you crochet or knit? What are your favorite things to make with yarn? 

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  1. looks awesome!!! so happy to have inspired you to crochet anything! Good job Sally:)

  2. Oh my! This is so cute! I am totally loving this I need to make it!

  3. Do you have a pattern for this? I would really love to make one!

    1. Depends on the yarn and needle, but basically:
      SC a chain as wide as ipad + one SC. Skip one stitch, DC crochet second row (let's call that first DC "A"), at the end of the row, DC on the other side of the SC chain. When you get back to A, loop DCs together, loop one, and DC second row. Continue until tall enough. At center back of LAST row, SC 10 and DC in same stitch for button hole.

      Sorry I'm not very good at patterns. but this youtube video may help as well:

  4. Thank you,
    The information you shared is very informative.