Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jefferson Memorial Bridge

Beautiful day here. Ahhh, I couldn't ask for more. It's early January, and I wasn't even sure if I needed to wear leggings today. The south is the best. Being from Michigan, you'd think I was thick-blooded,   and that cold weather was in my bones. But in all actuality, I crave the warm weather. Summers here are miserable for everyone, and such heaven for me. 100 degrees everyday for a week, I'll take it! It is especially nice when winter is just a few months of brisk weather, frost on the ground a few days, and a coat Michiganders would wear in early fall.

Matt and I ventured down onto the Fifth Street bridge today, the Jefferson Memorial Bridge, and took some fun photos inbetween our errands around town. This bridge connects Georgia and South Carolina, going over the Savannah River, and just a few blocks from our home in Olde Town. Directly beneath the bridge is Zeus' favorite swim spot in town, the boat ramp at the Marina, and about a block from our last shoot together.

After today's photos, we decided every Saturday we are going to roam around and take pictures. Matt and I had so much fun. Although I almost bit it a few times climbing the hill from our parking spot to the bridge hehe, we had a blast avoiding traffic, shooting from one side of the street to the other. I need to improve my photo skills, as does he. And hey, they double as blog posts at the same time. In this new year, I am striving for more frequent, better posts, with more revlevant content, and more "me". Sometimes I keep myself a bit detached, in my opinions and hold back a bit. Holding back no more. Expect a more uncensored Sally in 2013. Be prepared!

In the spirit of trying new things, leggings. ?! Pretty fun. I've honestly never really worn them until this winter. Finally, I decided I'd had it with only wearing jeans all winter and keeping my skirts tucked away until spring. The few skirts I would wear, I'd freeze! I found a few great pairs of leggings at my recent clothing swap, and a few pairs at a local resale shop. It's been hard the last year to get into leggings since I don't buy new clothes. I only allow myself to shop at Goodwill, resale shops, or have clothing donated to me. I'll host a few clothing swaps a year, that helps revamp my depleted wardrobe and push me to try newer things. When I have fewer options, I just have to make it work. It's great. I'm going to try to push myself to try a few other looks that have previously been off limits, for whatever preconceived notions in my crazy brain.

Outfit details:
Scarf: handmade (pattern below). Shirt: Papalya.
Skirt: J. Crew. Leggings: unknown. Boots: thrifted.

My favorite thing on the river. The remnants of a bridge that was washed away in the flood of 1908. Before the dams were built, the Savannah River would flood the city time and time again. The flood that washed away this bridge was waist high when on the streets of the city. I so want to swim to that support, climb it, and have a picnic on top. Or even a fun photo shoot while someone stands on the bridge.

Like the scarf I'm wearing above? I made it the day after Christmas while vegging out on the couch all day with Rachael watching American Horror Story. I have always had a hard time sitting around with idle hands. I always try to keep myself doing something, regardless of how productive the end result may be sometimes. I'll make the most ridiculous things sometimes, that are utterly useless and excessive, but hey, I'm doing something other than just sitting around, right? 

Infinity scarf pattern: 
1st row: ch 20 sc. (Chain 20 single crochet). Ch 1 sc. Turn.
2nd row: dc in 2nd from hook. (Double crochet) dc in each stitch. Ch 1.
3rd row: dc in each stitch. repeat until desired length. (my scarf was 55 rows total)
To connect and make infinity scarf, sandwich ends together. sc in each stitch. Finish ends.

Enjoy your weekend friends! Matt and I are currently kicking back with a few salty dogs (vodka+grapefruit+salted rim) made with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice made from Matt's new citrus juicer he got for Christmas! Yummy. Friends are joining us for a stir fry dinner, and then I'm headed to bed to prepare for a photoshoot tomorrow. It's a co-ed lingerie shoot, and related to Valentine's day. That's all I'll say! More soon!

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