Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NYC, Instagram style


Hello! We're back! Whoa, what a trip we had. Matt and I went to NYC for five days, yes, five days. It was insane. We went everywhere. It was nonstop walking, going, riding, exploring, and seeing the city. I hate seeing my vacation through a camera lens, and usually end up taking very few on my first time in a new place. Next time we'll take more. Visit more. Explore more. And we will be returning to the city very, very soon. 

I was really bad about taking pictures with my DSLR, and I haven't even unpacked it yet, so enjoy some pictures I took with my phone. While I usually hate blogging with phone pics, it seems appropriate as a first hand account of our vacation. So, ignore the slightly blurry photos and super cheese photos of Matt and I. And enjoy our silliness. 











1// Rooftop at The Press Lounge at Ink 48 on our first night, enjoying the New York City Skyline and the most expensive drinks ever. One beer, and one salty dog (my favorite) was $27! But the view was worth it, and if you visit the city in the summer, their rooftop bar would be the best spot in town!
2// Leaving Augusta, at the tiny airport we have here. We were so excited for what was to come of the next five days!
3// Our room at The Mayfair Hotel on our last night. A teeny weeny, maybe 200 square foot room with matching print everywhere. It was so cute. We stayed with friends every night before this.
4// Yummy baked brie and pecans with glaze at Taproom 307 in Gramercy while we watching the Falcons game on Sunday, also it was Matt's birthday.
5// With my new friend, Angie. Hanging out at a silly bar in the Village while our friend's band played. I introduced my new friends to Fireball that night. Enough said.
6// Getting on the Subway. Silly picture. Thank goodness we learned our way around the transit system, cabs were getting a bit pricey after day one.
7// The Comedy Cellar, which many of you have probably seen in Louis C.K.'s TV show. We were supposed to see a show there, but it sold out and we couldn't make it inside. Next time.
8// On the rooftop of our friend's apartment in the neighborhood of Sunnyside, in Queens. 
9// Again, tried to visit a place that was too busy and couldn't get in. We're outside of the Brooklyn Brewery, and the line was a lot longer than we thought. Instead we went to Brooklyn Bowl and had the best fries, their "Rock'n'Roll Fries", I've ever had in my life! Plus Brooklyn Beer was also served there. 
10// Our last morning in the city. At a diner refueling on coffee before we headed down to Lower Manhattan to see the World Trade Center memorial.
11// The silly Times Square photo my mom requested. All she wanted was a picture of us in Times Square. We walked though it a few times, for the only reason of getting from point A to point B, and this was in between the two. It was honestly not that great. Interesting, and bright. Too bright. A good place to get a few friends souvenirs, but since we didn't see any Broadway shows, this place wasn't very essential to our trip.

Tomorrow, our trip to Brooklyn Flea. And don't worry, they're real pictures from my camera haha. 

Have a great Tuesday, friends. It's great to be back. 

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I spy baked brie, yum!