Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taillights From Hell

Now, I really wish I'd paid more attention in class when we learned about currents of electricity. DC, AC, grounded wires, etc. This past weekend, Matt and I tested out the wiring harness and new lights we purchased for Shelby. We made a little mockup of how the wires would run, not attaching them to the camper. Boy was it a disaster and frustrating day.

We wired and hooked it up to the harness, and plugged it into Matt's Jeep, checking that the turn signals worked, brake lights, etc. The ground was the most confusing thing of all! Also, using those little connectors was a huge mistake. They were so unreliable and didn't produce a good enough connection. Things to buy before next weekend, shrink wrap for wiring, and a conductivity tester. 

Patient Matt. Thank goodness he still likes me after all this work on the soon to be Sally Ann mobile boutique. We'll get it right this weekend, and hopefully move forward in Shelby's renovation! Have you seen our Kickstarter page? Check it out here.

Also, we carefully removed the old lights. While they look awesome and are original, they were rotten, and old, and not able to be salvaged. Even removing them was difficult because all of the screws were stripped, rusted and rotten.

Since they're bigger than the lights we'll use, we have to also figure out a way to plug the holes from the screws on the aluminum siding of the camper exterior. Hopefully some sanding, caulk, and paint will make the holes like they were never there.

As per usual. We work on the camper and Zeus sits and stares at dad. Whining. Such a cry baby. He gets to play outside and have his freedom and he'd rather stare at his papa. I look forward to the day he looks at me like this. Only when Matt's not around do I get the same affection. Such a sucker for his dad. 

I'll be doing a lot of reading this week on electrical circuits, and preparing for this weekend, when we install the new hardwood floor! Shelby is getting pretty this weekend woo hoo!

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  1. you lost me at AC, DC. I still admire you for renovating this camper. Keep at it girl.