Thursday, February 14, 2013

Loving love

Ok, now are you ready for some cheesey love talk? Since it's Valentine's, I'm allowed. Ok. Go. So, Valentine's Day has always had very little significance in my life until recently. First, because it's so close to my birthday, which is February 12th, and second, I've never had anyone in my life to really enjoy it with. It's not like Matt is not my first boyfriend or anything, but the first one worth celebrating this holiday with, I guess you could say. Awww, cheesiness is going to increase, keep reading.

We met in October 2010. And honestly, we met in a bar. I was working at a place called Playground Bar, where I worked part-time, while I sewed from home all week, and also worked as a bridal seamstress. It was a Friday night, and I'd seen Matt before. It was always the normal exchange, "PBR, please." and "Here ya go." One night in particular, he came in, and for some reason, I was inclined to flirtatiously say, "PRB, riiiight?" with a twinkle in my eye, something I never do while bartending. He surprisingly said, "Uh.. yes..." and the night went on from there. I was swamped with work and we chatted between me serving drinks. Immediately there was a connection.

We texted and chatted back and forth for a bit, saw each other here and there. It was funny that I had no idea he was a quite notorious radio DJ in Augusta, since his real name was on his credit card at the bar, and I never really listened to the local music stations here. I'm a total NPR nerd. I listened to him on-air, and girls I knew were jealous I was talking to "Matt Stone". The whole thing made me giggle. To me, it didn't matter, he was a person just like the rest of us. It was funny to hear him on the radio and all his silly guy humor. He was sure to tell me he's not like the guy I'd hear on the radio, and that was mostly a comedy bit, as he's now an aspiring writer/comedian. 

A week later, we met up for a dinner date at a pizza place. It was super sweet, cordial conversation, lots of laughing, and getting to know one another. I was infatuated, and he says he knew I was a keeper that night because I had three Guinness's with dinner. I love my Guinness. After a few weeks of dating, he became "my boyfriend".

Like any relationship, we've had ups and downs, mostly ups. For the first year or so, Matt and Zeus lived a block away from me and the girls. Wasn't that convenient when I found him an apartment sooo close to my place. I totally did that on purpose. Eventually, I started being his dog nanny, watching Zeus all day while Matt was at work, and I work from home, so it was perfect for Zeus. We moved in together after a little over a year of dating. It wasn't much of an adjustment since we'd been so close and spent so much time together.

Now we're one big happy family of Sally, Matt, Zeus, Clementine, and Stella. He's my best friend, and I couldn't ask for a kinder, loving person to spend my life with. Awww... he's going to make fun of me so much for this post, and call me gay. But I don't care because I love him and he's my favorite person.

While we are very different at our cores, he's a rock radio guy, and I'm a wild quirky designer, we couldn't fit any better. He loves Kings of Leon and comedies, while I love Bjork, and my favorite movie is Old Boy. Our tastes clashing has been one of the best things in our relationship. One our first home dates, we'd take turns picking music to listen to, song by song, and he'd make fun of my "kill yourself" music, and his rock music made me laugh.

Respect and love has brought us both to embrace new things, try the unknown, and just love being together. The best part about our relationship is being a team in everything we do. He's my partner in my business; we're each others shoulder, workout buddy, roommate, partners-in-crime, all of that. He's my best friend. Love you, Matt! Happy Valentine's Day.

Cheesiness ends here. Haha I hope you all enjoyed a little Matt & Sally story. And also, I hope you are all enjoying this day of love, with whatever loves you have in your life, whether friends, family, or that special someone. Have a great day!

Photos from top:
1/ July 2012 on Lake Michigan
2/ April 2012 at my fashion show at Sky City
3/ May in Wilmington, NC on a beach weekend
4/ Kings of Leon concert, July 2011
5/ Augusta National, at the Masters, April 2012
6/ Riding our bikes, May 2012
7/ New Years, 2011
8/ Michigan, July 2012

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  1. Nice, just nice. :)

  2. Super sweet! Happy Valentine's Day, you two!

  3. Oh my GOSH you guys are the cutest!!! <3