Friday, February 1, 2013

Maximizing Productivity

Whew. What a week it's been. I've been slacking a wee bit on blogging, as I've been going nuts in every other social media outlet, and sewing like a crazy person. Today concluded a cutest couple contest on my blog, where 22 couples competed for a set of lingerie for Valentine's Day. (Congrats to Sara Campbell!) I also listed a million, well, 12, new pieces in my Etsy shop. I've also sewn a million, actually about 20, new pieces of lingerie this week. Needless to say, I've been quite a grump.

I've been pushing myself to work and find my maximum potential. My current goal is to find a control of how many things I can produce per week. Calculate costs, maximize profits, and go all the way. No more funny business or messing around with side endeavors. Business is about to get really serious this year. Streamlining my work and focusing on the important things. I need to know what I'm really capable of creating. I am so frustrated with bartending to supplement my income. While I love it, and I love where I work, it's just been too many years in a bar, and I need a change. Hopefully this will be my last year of bartending. Design needs to be my one and only job.

Stresses aside, this week has been quite enjoyable. I've been in my own little world, working from home all week. I can't really go anywhere since my brake lights are out in my Montero. Waiting on a part and then she'll be as good as new again. Word of advice to you all: don't buy a 1990 Mitubishi Montero if you don't have a backup! While I am so in love with my beautiful SUV, it's been work since the seller was less than truthful of what the car actually needed to be in tip top shape. Soon she'll be in charge of towing Shelby! They match so well, too.

This weekend, Matt and I had plans to install Shelby's 'new' hardwood floor, milled into flooring from giant old beams from sawmills, but our millworks friend is on vacation, so we have to wait until the following weekend. So a week from tomorrow, we'll have extra hands, and *fingers crossed* install the lights, floors, and start on the walls. Maybe this weekend we'll give her a good wash and finish some minor interior work. 

Outfit details: 
Cardigan: Old Navy, swapped. Pashmina: a gift from a friend's trip to Turkey. Originally baby blue, but repeat coffee stains forced me to dye it with a batch of slips. Shirt: Divided by H&M. Thrifted from Goodwill in NYC (that's right, I went to Goodwill while in NYC!). Skirt: Daisy, Inc. Thrifted. Boots: thrifted, and recently changed to red(ish) with dark polish. Originally beige.

Back to the sewing machine for me, friends! I have a goal of 6 pieces today. Time for Sex and The City, a giant cup of coffee, and hopes of motivating myself for another 12 hour workday... well at this point, I think it's going to max out at 10 hours, but still. A long day.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. You look SO cute...and great thinking on changing the color of a pair of boots with polish! I've irritatingly done it on accident, but I think those boots look awesome!

    Have a great weekend! xo

  2. I have full faith that you can maximize productivity this year. You are very talented and the design industry needs you, not the bar industry.

  3. Geezus. You're a machine! I seriously don't know how you do it :)

    By the way, I'm loving your hair. I know you mentioned you wanted to go blonde. Are you going to keep lifting it until it's lighter? I think you could pull off anything tho!

    - Sunshine