Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

"What is a week end?" Maggie Porter asks in Downton Abbey. I'm beginning to ask myself the same question but from a different perspective? What is a day off? What is a week end day? Because lately, it's been work, work, work. Every Saturday and Sunday for the last month, has been 100% working on Shelby and work. Rainy blah days and hard work. Hair in a messy bun, work jeans, and my favorite Michigan State sweatshirt to stay warm. This is not the weekends I have in mind. 

When can I just sit back and enjoy a day off? Winter weekends are supposed to be spent cuddled up under a blanket, crocheting something pretty, with a hot chocolate or hot toddy on a nearby coaster.  Winter weekend nights spent under a blanket with your sweetheart eating popcorn and watching a good movie. Where did those weekends go this year? 

Thankfully, this weekend was a change from our recent norm; our Saturday night was filled with excitement, after we finally called it a day working on Shelby, and our friends came over for dinner. We were celebrating my best friend's birthday with fajitas (or tacos to the kids) and good company. Sarah and her fiancé, Danny, came with her two children. The cats have taken years to warm up to the kids, but I think Clem finally is indifferent. Not mad or excited. Just okay with it.

It was the first time in a while we didn't have anything on the agenda for a Saturday night. I didn't even wear makeup. It was the most relaxing, good night with friends. And oh my the fajitas were so yummy!

Pre-spring showers are here in Georgia, a little early this year, as they usually wait until March. *Fingers crossed* that means spring is coming early. The rain has been incessant for the last week, sans yesterday, when we finally got to sit in the sunshine. Zeus was so happy to finally enjoy the outdoors without all the mud he'd seen all week. 

We packed up the dog and drove to Matt's parents house, where we sat by the pool, sipped fresh squeezed salty dogs, and ate fiji apples with brie. That's the Sunday and weekend I miss. Enjoying myself. Kicking back and just enjoying the day. Please spring, hurry up and get here. I miss my 70 degree days!

"Hey mama. Watch me. Don't watch the Oscrawrs." And the best way to end my evening. The Oscars, Walking Dead, then back to the Oscars, where I feel asleep with a cat on my chest before the show even ended. I slept like a baby, and it was divine. 

Now back to a busy work week. I started my Monday morning, day one with a new routine. Yoga in my living room. I plan to alternate a cardio DVD and yoga DVD on weekdays. Yoga on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and cardio on Tuesday, Thursday and maybe Saturday since weekend mornings  are gym time with Matt.

Hope y'all had a great weekend, without too much fuss from all this nasty weather. I'm going to try and get through this week. 

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  1. Your posts about Shelby are so exciting. I love how motivated you are, it's truly inspiring.
    I have maaaaaad respect for you, girl.