Monday, March 4, 2013

Globe Sconces

Who knew there were so any options when it comes to sconces? Matt and I spent the week debating what kind of lights to install in Shelby. As we finish up the wall, we have to consider where the lights will be, and what kind, the wiring placement, etc. As once we close up the walls, it's going to be very difficult to run the wires.

Here are some of my favorites I found online. I wish our funds were unlimited when it came to picking the sconces. We just need two, one for each long wall of Shelby. They'll produce enough light to illuminate the interior on dark nights or fall evenings.

Unfortunately, our choices are also limited because we have to use a 12 volt low energy lightbulb that came with the solar panels. It's the same base as a regular light bulb, and many of my favorite, more inexpensive sconces from Ikea use special light bulbs.

The 12 volt bulb will ensure that we don't exhaust our energy source, the deep cycle battery that will be charged from solar panels mounted on the roof. We will also have an outlet for emergencies, like a dead cell phone or fan during hot days.

These abstract sconces pictured would be my first choices, but they are so expensive, and our budget is so small. We finally purchased the sconces we'll use, but it's secret until the grand opening. Stay tuned for Shelby's reveal, in the next month or so, to see what kind of light we chose.

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