Thursday, March 7, 2013

Looking back and planning ahead.

Looking back at the last year and a half, I am quite proud of the accomplishments of Sally Ann. I feel like reflecting on these for a post today. Since December 2011, I have produced three fashion shows, which each showcase one of the three handmade lines of lingerie, put on my first gallery show with my first work brought to canvas professionally, showed my work in countless craft shows, and now I'm building a mobile boutique. 

Above, is the first show, the "Hands On" winter collection. It was small, only 30 pieces. All sexually suggestive with instructional hand positions from a second perspective, but conservative in coverage. I made this line for comfort, and sleepwear. I also learned a lot of "dos and don'ts" when it came to dealing with models and producing a show. I really had no idea what I was doing, and totally winged it. It was a great success regardless (see video here, turn the volume down, my voice is a little schrill in the interview). I loved that night.

The "Hands On" show consisted of 13 models, two bands, a live DJ, my best friend as my backstage assistant, Stella Salon's staff to do all the girls hair and makeup, a booth of all my wares, photographers, videographers, and more, all at Sky City, where all my other shows were also held.

As soon as the winter show wrapped, I took one week from working to catch up on some Mad Men episodes, and then it was back to the drawing board. Time to start planning a spring show. I decided to make a collection of two piece sets. This line was a 50 piece collection, with more models, I believe 17 to be exact, down from the original 20, and a much bigger production. See the video here.

We teamed up with Stella Salon for a second time, and with a few local makeup artists. Came down from two bands at the last show, to just one, Sibling String. The backstage was catered, so nobody went hungry from the full day of prep. Also my friend, Danny, flew all the way from Dubai to DJ for the night. Talk about feeling special, when a friend flies halfway around the world to spin for your show that is the culmination of all your life's work.

This show was so much more chaos! Two piece sets are no joke backstage when it comes time to change clothes in a hurry. I had two assistants helping with the clothing changes. Makeup ran behind and we were doing backstage photos and makeup up until the minute before showtime. Oh the stresses of fashion shows. I had to bring out "loud serious Sally" for this show and almost crack some skulls. 

This show was the first time I had to deal with some unpleasantries with local photographers. Or shall I say people who think they are photographers. These so-called professionals decided to stand at the end of the runway and point their camera straight up into the skirts of the models. Instead of getting a good vantage point, like my photographer, and the pictures above, they chose the worst possible spot, pointed straight up into the air as if they were looking at a tall building, and snap snap snapped away with their little DSLRs. I could have murdered them when they posted all their shots on Facebook later that night. Some girls suffered some embarrassment, and eventually had some removed. Live and learn I guess.

It was a great feeling presenting regular girls on the runway that would otherwise never get up in front of people in public, especially in lingerie. Many of the women were mothers, and that's quite a big step, being in two piece lingerie sets in front of 400 people with bright lights and cameras. I pride myself on showcasing regular women. Not all women are a size 0 with perky boobs and no cellulite. And that's wonderful! There is nothing sexier than a beautiful woman with real life flaws. 

Ultimately, it was an incredible show. I was so blissfully happy that night. My mom also flew in, !!!, as did my friends from Michigan. It was amazing being able to show those I love, in person, that all this working from home and in my own little world of sewing pretty things is worthwhile. 

After the spring show ended and I took a much needed break from about 6 months of nonstop sewing. I focused on an embroidered collection for my first ever gallery show, that took place in June. A few summer art shows here and there, and next thing I know, fall has arrived and it was time to plan another winter show. This show was the best of all of them, so far. I worked so hard on this one and really poured "Sally" into the clothing. Watch the video here.

Another 50 pieces collection of negliges, dresses, sleepwear, sexy lingerie, and menswear! I included a handful of men in boxer shorts. It was a nice little treat for the ladies in the crowd. This show was more modest hems, but with sexy slits and very feminine cuts. All the pieces accentuated the natural waist.

This show we all spent a good bit of time rehearsing. That, I felt, made this show better than all the others. The girls were comfortable on the runway, and so beautifully confident. We also held a casting call to get new faces, men and women that weren't just friends or friends of friends. And then, a full dress rehearsal made all the difference. When the shit hit the fan night of the show, they were like real like models, ready for anything.

The day of show was like a nuclear bomb exploded. I won't go into details, probably not a few years until I finally get over all the anxiety from that day, but it was a wreck. I'm still a little bothered by it all when I sit down and think about it. More unprofessionalism on all fronts. Rules not obeyed, agreements not fulfilled. But most importantly, no one in the crowd could tell. It was a marvelous show! SO SO good. And that's all that mattered. I planned for mistakes and made room for error. You have to be prepared for the worst. At the end of the night, I went to bed feeling like a million dollars. So proud of myself and my work. 

What's next for Sally Ann, you ask? I'm hoping to book a summer show soon. I've decided I want to have a live band play the runway show. A beachy band perhaps. And most importantly, I'm finishing Shelby very very soon.

For more pictures from my past shows, click on the fashion show tab at the bottom of this post, and go to my Facebook Page for exclusive content. There are also some behind the scenes videos from my spring show on my Vimeo page.

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  1. I think it's so great that you look back and then look forward. A lot of people don't like to stop and reflect on what they've done but I think this is so important in order to grow.