Friday, March 1, 2013

That's amore

That moment when you get to your destination, tripod under your arm, camera on your shoulder, remote in your back pocket, and dog leash in your hand, and then you realize.... you forgot to put the memory card back in your camera. ARGH! This was today. Zeus and I made it all the way to our favorite little park this afternoon before I noticed my DSLR was sans SD card. We made the most of it and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Hey, I have an iPhone 5. That's good enough, right? 

I've been down lately, not too much, but enough to throw me off track. Rainy days, cold weather, grim gray days. Today was a nice reminder that spring is coming. I even found flowers in bloom. The sun was shining and a nice warm(ish) breeze was blowing through the park. For about half an hour we just enjoyed the day. The sunshine, the warm, the quiet. It's nice to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday and just relax in a quiet little cherub garden.

Azaleas in bloom? Already? Hopefully this means spring is right behind us! These flowers were so beautiful. I had to stop Zeus from eating them! Hehe.

Where's the water? What's the big idea? Zeus loves jumping in this fountain in the summer. I'm sure I'd get in trouble by park staff if they saw him in there, but he doesn't do any harm besides splashing around a bit. 

What a great day with this big ol' dummy. He loves wearing my shades and jumping in empty fountains. Happy Friday friends!

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  1. What a beautiful day! And very impressed these were taken with an iphone!

    1. Thanks! The HDR setting is quite impressive! I LOVE my iphone :)