Tuesday, April 23, 2013

And I'm back...

It's been a little break since my last post. Apologies. My sister and I drove back to Michigan for a family affair. Here are some Instragram pics from the trip. Today, I've been settling back in after an entire day on the road back to the south. Two wholes days there and back were spent in a car. I can't believe I lived to tell the tale, with the craziness of Rachael and I being together again. While we weren't there for very pleasant circumstances, we made the most of it. And it was nice to see my family.  Enjoy some pics and I'll be back later this week with a fun children's DIY and my thrifted scores from my trip!

My sister, Sarah, and little Trey. It's so funny being called "Aunt Sally", and this little boy is the sweetest little thing ever. Sarah thinks he's got me wrapped around his finger, but I can't help it. He's a four eyes like me, and so so cute!

I loved telling the little boys ridiculous stories and tricking them into believing silly things. Kids are the greatest. As soon as we arrived, we caught a few hours of sleep and then had breakfast and drawing time with the 4 and 5 year olds. When Trent tried to draw a picture of me, he used a gray crayon for my hair, and when I asked why he used gray, he picked up the white crayon and exclaimed, "Well I can't use this white crayon on white paper!!" As if it was a huge "DUH, Sally!" Kids say the darndest things.  

The mandatory shopping trip to Goodwill with my sisters and mother resulted in some grrrreat finds! Two coats, a few shirts, a dress, this dress, a few shirts. And a miracle almost took place: this size zero dress almost fit me. It was about one inch too small when it came time to zip up. I bought it anyways for a friend. I can't turn up a $5 Ann Taylor dress this cute!

Also, a mumu style 70s dress I bought will make a great DIY project coming soon. It was a hideous floral polyester zipper dress with sleeves. Not as much fabric to work with, like the last dress I made, so I'll probably be making a cute skirt with a fitted waistband.

The four Keiser kids. Rach, me, Mark, and Sarah. I bet you can't guess the age order! Hint: We're in some kind of order as we stand...

Our hotel was on Lake Michigan and I was able to catch just one sunset. Breathtaking as usual... I'll never get over how lucky I was to grow up one mile from this gorgeous body of water. This summer, Matt and I have to make a week long trip back home again!

The birthday girl on Sunday! Sarah hated that sombrero! But she just looks so lovely, doesn't she?

 Stealing Mark's soul. He hates having his picture taken hehe.

Okay. Coffee and cleaning and unpacking. Like a mad woman. I'm already one pot down. Happy Tuesday, friends! How was your weekend?

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