Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Change is good

Sometimes, you just need a change. When I'm stressed out, or my work isn't going well. The "ADD" starts to feel like it's real. Coffee does no good. Days pass and frustration grows. That's when it's time for some massive reorganization. Yesterday, I did a huge makeover to my work room.

With my desk previously in front of a window, the volume on my computer was so much lower when the window was open, and it was driving me bonkers! Plus, pollen season is miserable, and there was yellow dust all over everything on my desk, errrgg even worse! The desk and sewing machine are now where the china cabinet holding all my fabric previously sat. Everything is now in a new place. New place, new mindset!

Like many self-employed, I work from home in a large room, about 20' x 12'. It's the second living room in my large one bedroom apartment. The two rooms are seperated by pocket doors, and it's more like a giant room when the doors are open. It feels great to work in such an open space, but the distractions of being home become daunting sometimes. Two cats begging me to play, a dog always shoving his slobber covered toys on my to throw over and over again. The temptation of Doctor Who and crocheting my afghan. Baking. Cleaning the rest of the house that is always dusty since it was built in 1886.

This week has been rough. That's all I'll say. I'm not quite ready to talk about it on here. Family matters. Rearranging my room has helped clear my head, and it's kind of like my therapy. I'm not the kind of person that loves to clean and reorganize normally. It takes a special day where it's ALL I do that day. And then it'll be slightly messy but still in order for a while.

Today, I'm making a dress from a pattern I've had for years. I need something fancy to wear to Masters when we go on Sunday. I cut up an old mumu and a vintage bed sheet for the lining. The navy blue large dress was covered with little sailboats (And Rachael, when you read this, no, you can't have it! hehe... My sister likes to steal Nautical themed clothes of mine..). The lining is white with blue and purple flowers. It's going to be beautiful. Sometimes, it's nice to sew from a pattern that isn't your own! Post coming soon of the transformation. 

This lovely print from Thimble Press is finally up on the wall. In a thrifted mat and frame, it mismatches just right with all the rest of my decor. I love walls of chaos, all kinds of wall hangings, the kind of go together, but you're not quite sure. I always thrive on organized chaos, probably since that's what my brain constantly feels like. My favorite was the wall at my previous apartment that lined the stairway entrance. Everything hung straight, but in no particular pattern or order. They just fit. My sister has the same thing going on in her apartment, and it's lovely.

This print is one of my new favorites. A friend of mine, who just turned 60, copied this from a print his mother bought in an airport in Iceland in the 50s. It's absolutely breathtaking. I wish I could steal the original or get a better copy of the original drawing. For now, this will do quite nicely. The pencil detail is so beautiful.

Zeus approves of the new room. I think. Or he's pouting. I can't tell these days. He's been super moody since Matt is working long hours. Poor dog misses his papa. I can only do so much, since he loves Matt so much more than me. I've made an extra effort to get him out to parks and for walks around town. Socializing him to distract him from little papa time.

And lastly, my Little Things Studio print. Again, in a thrifted frame that accents the print just right. I still have to frame and hang a few more prints from Little Things Studio and Thimblepress. Check out these ladies sites. Their work is so fantastic!

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  1. Ahhh, I love this!! That room seriously looks amazing. And I like the extra large clock on the computer screen, too. ;]