Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Favs

Vintage Floral Suitcases. Source.

I just scored two matching floral suitcases on Etsy, from two different sellers. While these suitcases can be a pain to carry, since they don't have wheels, they are so worth the trouble! You just feel prettier when you  have gorgeous luggage to tote around with you while traveling. I hate all my black wheeled luggage that shows every strand of cat hair, because luggage and cats are like peanut butter and jelly! The cats always camp out on or in our luggage after a trip, when it takes a few days to unpack. Lint rollers don't quite cut it. With these floral suitcases, the patterns will definitely hide that cat hair, yay! And why isn't there a company making throwback luggage. All the wheeled luggage these days is hideous or way out of my budget. My dream luggage is Louis Vuitton, the real deal, but I don't quite have $3,000 to spend on luggage. $100, yes, but not 3k! 

Twin Syndrome's New Red High Rise Bathing Suit Bottoms. Source.

I have these in black, and they're my most favorite bathing suit bottoms ever! Since I have a very large tattoo on my back, and the sun is my enemy, these bottoms are the best when it's time for fun in the sun! The sun is the worst thing for tattoos, it fades colors like crazy, and I want mine to be beautiful when I'm old and wrinkly. These bottoms are perfect, super comfortable. Twin Syndrome just released them in more colors this spring, and I can't wait to buy them in red, and get a matching red bandeau top.

Blonde hair with pink pastel tips. 

It's so funny how time changes perspective. This time last year, when pinks and pastels were hitting the hair salons and super trendy, I thought pastel hair looked ridiculous. Now that I'm blonde, I am itching to get some pink tips in my hair. After my friend's wedding this weekend, I'm going to play with some pastels and try some hair chalking.

Thimble Display Cases. Source.

Collecting thimbles has been a hobby I started a few years ago. While I only have a few, I am hoping to collect more, finding one each new place I travel to. And what better way to display them then a thimble display case? A friend of mine made a lamp out of thimble displays, and it's so amazing. Maybe Matt and I can get crafty and make something. In the meantime, I'll daydeam on Etsy and eBay, searching for cute vintage ones...

Happy Friday friends! I'm off to wedding rehearsal soon, and the wedding.. is... tomorrow... *singing in ABBA voice. Have a great weekend!

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  1. FLORAL SUITCASE! AAAHHH! Oddly, I have found attractive luggage at places like Marshall's or TJ Maxx. Not floral, but really nice colors, sometimes prints. I bought a beautiful light blue one years ago for $50 with wheels and it's still one of the prettiest luggage pieces I've ever owned. I also never have really seen another like it.

  2. Hellllooo! Now those bathing suits are super sexy in a nonrevealing way.

  3. Love the hair picture!
    I'm planning to do the same to my hair but with green!