Monday, April 29, 2013

Shelby Update

Here we are, in the last few weeks of working on Shelby. It's finally here. Just a few more long work days left before she is finished. The end is closer and will be here before we know it.

Since we last updated you all on her progress, we've made some difficult but necessary decisions. After weighing the pros and cons with our solar panels, we've decided to return them. It's one thing after another with the company that made them, problems upon problems. We asked ourselves, what happens a year from now, when they break, and we have to take apart the wall to remove them and return them, and what if they don't accept the return with our warranty. I wouldn't put it past this company to screw us over again in the future. 

I'm boxing up the panels and all the accessories and attempting to return them this week. Cross your fingers for me, as these people are so nasty. If I can't get my cash back, which comes to around $275, I'll be investing in some more tools or a tool cabinet, and getting more supplies for Shelby.

The interior will also be done in the next week. I'm finishing putting up the rest of the wood and sconces in the next few days, then sanding and staining, and then up with the fixtures. We've decided to power the interior with a deep cycle battery. It should keep the 60 watt bulbs lit for a very long time, and we'll also install an outlet for a cell phone/iPad charger. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! I'm headed outside to start work for the day. My friend is cutting more wood for the walls soon, and I'm using up every last piece before I head to his shop. Sconces here I come!

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  1. Your Shelby updates are my favorite! She's really turning into a beaut!