Thursday, May 23, 2013

Goodbye Augusta

As I complete the final stages of packing up my home, it's bittersweet to reflect on my years in Augusta. It's been a great time here, and it is very difficult to sum up the joys and memories this state has given me. Almost three and a half years ago, I moved to the state of Georgia from my native Michigan, to live with my sister, who was stationed at an Army base here in town. I brought my business with me, and Sally Ann was in it's infancy still, being only handbags and accessories made from recycled materials. 

Within a month in Augusta, I met the most amazing woman and my best friend, Sarah. She and I were both vendors at the "First Friday" art walk in downtown Augusta. I had asked her to watch my booth while I went across the street to get some coffee. I got her a cup as well and our friendship was born. Shy at first, I asked her if she wanted to get a beer after we packed up our booths. We walked down to a little dive bar and the rest is history. Last month, I was the maid of honor in her wedding. 

And next. My favorite lady, Jessica. We met years ago while dating two people that couldn't have been more wrong for us at a sports bar and restaurant. We bonded over our mother's being gun owners and badass ladies. Jessica and I immediately clicked and became close friends. She is beyond wonderful. I'm going to miss my Sunday mimosas, ice cream, and crying in public with this lady. Thick as thieves this gal and I. She's a gem.

Augusta also brought Matt and I together. We were an unlikely match on paper, with little in common and two very different people. He's a Georgia-born rock radio DJ, on-air personality, and comedian, and I'm an eccentric designer from Michigan. Almost three years later we're still strong as ever. We are so excited to start a new chapter of our lives together in a new city. Cheesy? Yes. But true.

This city has also helped me to flourish SO MUCH professionally. It's incredible how supportive everyone has been and pushed me to the next level. With all my hard work, and productions I've produced in this town, I've stuggled lately, since there isn't much more I could do here that I haven't already. I've put on a gallery show, three fashion shows, and countless craft shows. I'm ready for another city to conquer. Jacksonville here I come!

While I can't highlight all the amazing close friends I've gained from Augusta, since I should really be packing right now, I love you all of you Augustans reading this. 

People tell me Jacksonville will be amazing and not to miss Augusta. But I believe it is highly unlikely that I will meet people like those I have met in Augusta. I was so lucky to have met truly incredible, kind, loving people that have been my family for the last few years that there weren't any. I know where ever life takes me, I will make friends and build relationships with wonderful people, but these Augusta folks will always be at the top of my list.

And apologies for a disjointed writing piece for my blog. My brain is in a million places and my eye is twitching from stress. Must. Get. Back. To. Packing. Have a great weekend everyone; my iMac is going in a box, and I'm packing up the rest of the house.

Goodbye for now, Augusta. We'll meet again.

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  1. I felt the same way when I left Augusta. Excited about everything that lay ahead of me and sad to leave friends and family. You'll miss it but it's right down the road and you can always visit. And I'm sure you'll find that living near the beach gives people plenty of reasons to visit!

  2. Great post! I'm sure that city is going to miss you, but your new city is going to LOVE you! :) Good luck with the move and best wishes w/ your new endeavors. You'll do great things.


  3. Sally, it was great to have met you! I pray and know that you will meet some new and awesome friends, you just have that great personality! And, it's not hard to believe that you will be a success at whatever you strive to do, wherever you are. I was amazed ,from the day I met you, at your optimistic look on life and your amazing ability to make lemons out of lemonade. ;)
    May God bless you in all your endeavors!