Thursday, May 16, 2013

Introducing Sally Ann's Closet

It's addicting. IG shops. Have you seen them? They're an online store on the iPhone and Andriod app called Instagram. So easy and fun. You look through your friends cute cat pictures, and bam! You find a super cute dress on the cheap. You comment with your PayPal address. Okay the invoice, and within a few days, the dress arrives in your mailbox. It's so incredibly easy and seriously addicting! I love finding gently used clothes on a few of my favorite shops.
While packing up clothes and sifting through the pieces I never wear, I decided it'd be fun to open a closet shop on Instagram. Plus a great way to open up a new revenue stream, since I'll be semi-retiring from bartending soon. Only near mint clothing is listed, and all details are included in the comment section of the listing. Some clothes will be ones I've made, thrifted, bought new, etc. You can check out my shop here or on IG as SallyAnnsCloset. AND everything's 20% off until we move next Saturday, May 25th.
I'll be updating it with more clothes soon, as I pack up my house for our move next weekend to Jacksonville! Lord knows I have sooo many clothes I never wear. I might as well put them out there for someone to enjoy!

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1 comment:

  1. I haven't heard of this - what a great idea. I wish we were the same size!