Friday, June 21, 2013

Shop update!

Happy Friday, friends! I've been busting my little behind this week to work on a new versitale clutch and handbag in one, and I finally got it. Five new pieces are up in my Etsy shop now. All with detachable straps, that function as clutches AND handbags. Basically, every purse in this new design are made from the most random scraps you can imagine. While I never match, I love mismatching all kinds of the most random patterns and prints, and throwing them all together in one piece. Maybe I can get the masses (i.e. the few people that will wear my work) to mismatch too! One extra special bag is two sided with a TON of pockets. Here's a few of the purses from today's updates.

Find it here. Made from (okay get ready for a long list..) scrap from a blazer, upholstery fabric, vintage shorts, vintage upholstery samples, zipper scraps, quilting cotton, and a vintage dress. The interior is full of all kind of fun details as well, with a pocket made from all the little scraps I found on my worktable after making hair bows with the same fabric. 

Find it here. Made from a thrifted wall hanging of a winter scene, padded quilt fabric, upholstery samples, quilting cotton, corduroy, a vintage cotton skirt remnants, and more. The circular winter cross stitched wall hanging hung in my apartment for a good year, I just loved it so much. When I moved into a different apartment, this was making it's way to the Goodwill pile, when I had an epiphany and ripped it from it's frame, stashing it with my fabrics. I knew a day would come when this would speak to me and become a beautiful bag. And it finally has. Yay.

Meow meow cat lovers. Find this here. The featured kitty on this piece was embroidered by my best friend on a white t-shirt she gave me. I never wore the shirt, but I couldn't get rid of the kitty cat, so I saved a large portion of the front, including the embroidery, since I knew I'd use it someday. The brown of this purse is the scrap from a dress I shortened eons ago, and of course none of those dress or skirt scraps ever see the trash, in fact, many of the floral interiors are those 10" sections that get chopped off the bottom hem of many of the dresses in my closet. 

Now there's a huge story behind this one. Find the listing here. My senior year of high school, my best friend Sara and I had made plans to move in my older sister's apartment the day after graduation. One random day right before graduation, I think it was a Wednesday, we both separately went to our favorite thrift store, and then met up at her house. She told me "I found the most amazing couches at Valueland today!" and I said "OMG SO DID I!" 

There they were, two of the most beautifully ugly couches we'd ever seen, only $20 each. Just my luck, when we went back to get them both, there was only one. We split the cost and decided to share it. Sara and I had the loveseat/couch in our apartment that first summer, and I took it to college. I lugged that ugly thing from dorm to apartment, and at least 5 other residences over the course of my college years and a few years to follow. Finally, when I moved back to the city where I grew up, I parted ways with that ugly thing, but not without saving a piece of a throw pillow. The floral fabric in this purse is that remnant, every last piece. I hope someone loves it as much as I did that ugly beat up loveseat.

Zeus loves to help me take photos. Don't worry guys, all dog hair is removed from purses before shipment, hehe. For real though, I store all my work outside of the house, with minimal animal contact. I can't tell you how many photos today Zeus photobombed because his most favorite thing is to stand between me and the tripod. Thanks, dog. Haha. And then when I want to take a picture with him, he puts his back to the camera. Dopey dumb Zeus. 

I hope you all have the best weekend ever! My schedule is crazy this weekend, work work work.

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