Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Path to a Shaved Head

Are you getting confused when you flip through photos on Sally Ann and wonder which one is me? I'm sure it's difficult to know which one is me, with my ever changing hair recently, so I thought it'd be fun to have a post compiling the changes from the last few months. It all started with the desire to go blonde...

My hair was super long. After years of impulsiveness in college, and the mistake of letting all my friends cut my hair, going to hair school and saying "go nuts", it's an understatement to say I had wild hair. I had the most ridiculous hair, I'd shave half, bleach the other half, cut pixie bangs, shave the backside, and eventually I shaved it all off after going blonde one too many times.

Since I've gotten to my late 20s, I've tamed down a bit. Since moving south to Georgia back in 2009, I had the goal to grow my hair out. I wanted to have long flowing hair (I always think about the Little Mermaid when she's swimming in that cave with all of her hidden treasures). Well, I finally reached that goal; it was so long I'd choke myself in my sleep if it wasn't in a french braid. Then I got the itch to change the color.

I saw a few stylists here and there, started with an ombre, then more highlights. Then I met the dream team at Halo Salon and Spa in downtown Augusta. I told the owner and master cosmetologist, Sarah, that I wanted to be white blonde. She said, "I can make you that blonde, but you have to baby your hair. Treat it like silk." And it felt like silk. So delicate and fragile. Bright blonde hair requires so much special attention, that I was willing to do. After a few months, I was honestly sick of the two hour hair drying and styling, where I couldn't even use a brush until it was completely dry, or the follicle would snap in two.

After another trip to Halo, I was purple and had a bob. It was a great style, but didn't feel like me. My friend, Katie, shaved half of my head, and a few days later, my favorite hair cutter in all the world, Morgan at Stella Salon and Spa, cut me an amazing pompadour. Aside from the white blonde on a good day, the pompadour was my ultimate favorite haircut. The pink/purple (the color depended on the light ha) was still just covering super damaged hair.

A week into the pompadour, I woke up feeling exhausted and stressed about the impending move to Jacksonville, and I got out Matt's beard trimmers. On a Monday morning, I shaved my head alone in my bathroom and couldn't have been happier than if you transplanted my long brown locks back onto my head. I took a shower, rubbed my head, and that was that. Bam. Ready.

There is nothing more refreshing in the hot south during summer months than having no hair! A little over a month later, my hair is growing back. I'm excited to go nuts with some edgy cuts when I get a little more length. Matt keeps pushing me to let it grow haha. He didn't know I was going to shave it, and needless to say, he prefers me with hair.

Did I learn my lesson, you may wonder? Nope. Life's too short, and hair always grows back. Sometimes I miss having hair, when it comes time to dressing up, and I don't feel super feminine. Not having hair just gives me more of a chance to be expressive with my makeup and clothing choices. Plus, I really like the look of no hair sometimes. And I'm sure Matt is happy with me taking almost no time to get ready to go somewhere.

Have any of you ever shaved your head? What's the wildest hair you've ever had?

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  1. I was a child of the late 70's, early eighties. I had really long hair with a small "tail". I decided to cut it all off to a very short layered I kept the tail. My hair was above my shoulders and I had a tail down to my butt.

  2. I was wondering why/how you got a shaved head. You're ballsy for doing it and I respect you for it. I actually look up to you. I think you look great!

  3. I haven't shaved mine, but I've fantasized about it a few times when dealing with Florida heat and feeling too tired to wash and style it! I'd watch G.I. Jane and it looked so easy... ;-)

  4. Such a fun post! You are so brave with your hair, and it always looks great no matter what. You have a great facial/bone structure and can get away with anything. ;] You're beautiful!

  5. I used to change my hair a lot. One month blonde, next black and everywhere in between including flamingo pink. Pixie cut to long. Now, I am a Mom of 4 and feel the need to tame it down and put my energy in other areas. I am about 3 inches into growing out my natural colour (brown with flecks of grey, hah!). Thanks for sharing your current hair journey.

  6. Hi, very nice haircut! You are so beautiful with shaved head! Good! This post is very interesting!