Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mad Nails by Morgan

There's no better treat for oneself than getting pampered and having your nails done. Better yet, someone that comes to you! Last week, Morgan of Mad Nails traveled to my house for a very relaxing and amazing manicure, and sewing themed nail art!

I'm never the kind of girl that has pretty nails. My fingers are my most frequently used tool. The overused, stressed out tool in your toolbox that is so run down, you just wish you could retire it and buy a new one. But that is not possible with these hands. They're scarred up, always aching, and always making something. It's been years since they've looked this good. Sure, I've gotten them done here and there, but the "gels" I've gotten in the last few years only lasted me a few days. And since my 80 hour work weeks were split between bartending and sewing, they never lasted through the beatings I've give them. Almost one week in, these are still going strong, with only one chip, on my thumb when I was using it like a chisel the other day.

Morgan definitely knows what she's doing. It's great to have a fellow artist in town I can now rely on to keep my hands pretty. It is so much fun having my nails express me. Check out her Facebook, StyleSeat, Tumblr, and Instagram pages for more of her work!

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