Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Truckin' On The River

Last Saturday night, Matt and I, along with some out of town friends, attended the Food Truck Rally down by the Landing. Live music, beer and fried food on the river, can't get much better than that! Since I had been at RAM all day, I was in need of some fun and letting loose.

Matt had to cover the event for his job, as Jacksonville's guy around town. It's always fun to have friends along for the shoot to see first hand what Matt's job entails. We had such a great time! Watch the video below.

I've been super crazy busy the past few weeks, so apologies for the lack of posts. It's not slowing down anytime soon, as tomorrow I head to Pensacola for Rachael's going-away party. It's so insane that in less than a week, she'll be out of the Navy and on terminal leave! WOO HOO! 

More soon guys, I'm blogging from a coffee shop with Zeus, and he's itching to go for a walk. Also, there are a few new lingerie listings in our Etsy shop, so check em out!

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