Friday, August 2, 2013

Repurposing Hardware From Thrifted Finds

What better way to get hardware for my handmade accessories than thrifting! While some are purchased brand new, I try to get everything second hand when I can. It's important to me and for my branding, that all my work have as much second hand, recycled and repurposed pieces as possible. All fabric is second hand, and most hardware I find second hand as well. I love reconstructing trash pieces and purses that have met their end, and helping them live on in new beautiful handmade pieces.

Yesterday, Matt and I drove across town and hit up a few thrift stores on Beach Blvd. At the Humane Society's Thrift Store, we scored big on vintage never opened zippers, and a few other shops I found some other sewing notions. And at the last shop, they had a sale on purses. I picked out four purses that had swivel clasps, O rings, zippers, and magnetic closures that could be repurposed in my handbags.

This faux Louis Vuitton purse made me cringe, and needed to be destroyed. Nothing IRKS me more than knock-off handbags. Buy the real thing or sport a no name purse, before you buy something fake. From this purse, I got two zippers, two swivel clasps, and 2 D rings. All for only $3. A pair of swivel clasps alone costs $3.59 at Joann's, so why not find some second hand?! 

Total yield from four purses, $11: 5 zippers, 6 swivel clasps, 2 D rings, 5 O rings, three small leather straps, fabric, leather, and two small magnetic clasps.

There are so many ways to make use of things found at a thrift store. What are your favorite thrifted things to repurpose?!

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  1. So clever! And thank you for ridding the world of one less fake Louis Vuitton purse.