Friday, August 9, 2013

What I've been sewing lately...

New work this week: silk tank tops. I've been turning all the hideous shoulder-padded short sleeved blouses in my fabric piles into pretty, wearable blouses. I tried wearing the shirts as is a while back, but they just don't work. They fit ill when the shoulder pads are removed, with extra room in the shoulder that can only be eradicated with sewing. And if they're going to be sewn, I might as well make them completely pretty again. Also using vintage seam binding, I'm finishing the sleeves in the proper way, as if they were made to be tanks originally. The seam binding is also used to create a new neckline. 

Why not just make tanks from silk fabric? Well, in order to keep these a reasonable price, repurposing is key. Silk is a pain to sew! I think these repurposed shirts will be priced around $20, depending on the added accents and details. By utilizing an existing piece, and simply changing the neck and arms, it keeps the cost more reasonable than if I cut out front and back pieces, sewing the shoulders, sides, and then finishing work on all edges. That would be more like a $60 shirt.

The cats and dog always keep me company in the office. Clem is getting sweeter (not really) towards Zeus. For about two seconds that is. Then she smacks him in the face, or hisses, or both. While they are all sweet and nice to have around, sometimes I can't wait to get an office outside of the home. I've been making due with the room I have set up, moving and shuffling to get work done. I'm at about 75% capable in the room that I'm in. But now that we have internet in the house, *crossing my fingers* production doesn't drop with added distrations ("Orange is the new black" on Netflix may or may not have taken up an hour or two of my workday today, dang it.)

Aside from making clothes, I've been perfecting a unisex wallet using scrap leather and elastic. I'm toying with the idea of making them phone cases/wallets as well. This demands more product testing. Matt is getting a new prototype every few days to try. They are SO fun to make, and will be up in my shop soon. 

This top, was the highlight of my work day, yesterday. It was a shirt that had been in my wardrobe for the last few years, but only worn once when Matt and I went to Atlanta for a Ben Gibbard show. That was literally the only time I wore this handmade floral top. I just LOVE the print! But the original cut, meh.

When going through my closet, searching for the best outfit for an evening out, it's fun to play "what's the least worn thing in here?".. a game to find something fun to cut up and rework. This shirt was handmade from a pattern, and there were a handful of existing flaws to correct, as well as resize and turn into a new cut.

I started by removing the sleeves and collar. Since the back had pleats, I ripped out the center back seam, and resewed the facing to the back piece, no pleats. By taking out the pleats, it made the back left about 3 inches too wide. I then cut the extra and all other side seams to take it down a size. Folding the shirt lengthwise, with vertical symmetry (left shoulder on top of right shoulder), I cut the new neckline. Finish with facing and create a new v-neck, finish hem along bottom. Done. I belted it with an elastic black belt and paired it with skinny jeans and Toms wedges. 

Every week, I've decided I'm going to play this game. Find something I never ever wear, but can't part with for whatever reason, and make it something I'll add to my rotation. Next time, I'll show more detailed how-tos,  promise.

Matt and I went to see Jay Pharaoh last night at the Comedy Zone, hence the reason for something cute to wear. Jay is an SNL cast member, and a very funny guy. Matt interviewed him after the show, and we chatted for a bit and snapped a few iPhone pics. See Matt's interview here.

Happy Friday, friends! Shelby and I will be at RAM tomorrow. Hope to see some of you there!

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  1. I love your top, the floral print and the cut are so pretty!