Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Peek Inside Shelby...

 ... at RAM recently. Oh man what a week it's been. It's incredible how much time just flies but. It was just June! And now it's fall?! Whaaat? I can't keep up with all the hours in the day that seem like minutes. Sewing is 90% of my day, and it's awesome. I spend the entire week sewing and tagging new work, photographing it and putting it on Etsy, and then I get the privilege to sell it at RAM. 

Lately, at RAM, I've been setting up my sewing machine, letting children jump on and sew scrap fabric, in hopes of drumming up some excitement and getting young girls signed up for sewing classes this winter. These past few months being a vendor at the weekly market feel like a few weeks. I'm baffled that fall is already upon us. Thankfully, being in Florida, it still feels like Michigan's hottest summer days. When am I going to get to dress for fall?

The highlight of my wardobe this week was the day I got to wear jeans! Agh. Who knew I'd miss jeans so much. I can't wait for black TOMs, jeans, t-shirts, light cardigans, and infinity scarves. Oh I can't wait.
The back wall of Shelby is changing soon... I'm getting ready for have a closeout sale on all lingerie and sleepwear before starting fresh for the spring collections of Sally Ann goodies. Tomorrow, Matt and I head to Augusta, Georgia, where I'll set up Shelby on Saturday at The Big Local, and then head back home on Sunday. 

Another week of sewing in Jax, then back up to Augusta again for a weekend booth set up in front of my favorite Augusta music venue, where all my fashion shows have been held. All Friday and Saturday, I'll be selling the rest of my lingerie, and hopefully coming back to Florida with a very light camper. 

Back out to the garage I go, to finish packing up Shelby, make some signs, get dirty, and cover myself in sawdust and paint. We made a door yesterday, I can't wait to show you all. So much to do, so little time...

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  1. I just love this! I love that you spend all your time sewing and then travel places in your camper to sell it. It's such a unique idea. Good luck this weekend!