Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jacksonville Jerk Chicken Festival

What better way to spend our labor day weekend than on the water. After a long day at the market, Matt and I spent our Sunday at the First Annual Jerk Chicken Festival in Jacksonville, at Memorial Park. A few beers, people watching, music, and sunshine.

We're not sure why this dock was open to the public, someone forgot to lock the gate, so we took advantage of it, and wandered around the dock, with a great view of the Jacksonville skyline. Ignorance is bliss, right? We were also confused why they served us beer in bottles, but the Red Stripe was delicious, Matt opted for a Dos Equis.

Anyone recognize this dress? Maybe a few long time readers may. It's a thrift store purchase, only $2 from a thrift store in Michigan, and I tailored it to fit me just right. It's getting to be a little short these days, as the more weight training I do, the more my body lifts it to a shorter height. Maybe I should lay off the squats, or just thrift and get some more clothes. 

The night before we came to this festival, a friend of mine visited Jacksonville for the weekend, and we rode the local water taxi. It took us up and down the river, and to this dock. There is something so refreshing and invigorating about being on the water. I hope sometime during our time living in Jacksonville, for the next few years, that Matt and I purchase a boat. Something small enough to be affordable, but big enough for a few extra people, and even Zeus.

Plus! We live right across the street from a private dock and small marina on a river inlet off the St. John's River. We have so much storage space in our house, why not get a boat. Especially since Florida weather will allow us so many months out of the year on the water.

Days with Matt, on our adventures around Jacksonville, are my favorite. His job takes us everywhere around the city, and he's always up for anything. We're both very adventurous, active, and always positive about experiencing new things. I'm always so excited about where his job takes us next. (You can see Matt's video from the event here.)

While sitting on the lawn of Metropolitan Park, we got to talking about how great it was that we weren't just sitting at home, relaxing on that Sunday afternoon. So many people just sit at home, waiting on something to fall into their lap, and complain that their city is "boring" or slow, or some excuse that they don't have any fun in their lives. Get up. Get out of the house. Pick up your local newspaper and explore! What do you have to lose. Sure, this event wasn't that great, but we had a great time together and experienced something new.

Life's too short to just sit around, waiting for something to jump onto your schedule. Reminds me of something Matt heard on an Anthony Jeselnik interview on the Alison Rosen podcast.. He's an atheist, and was talking about life in general. From what Matt explained to me, he said life, here on earth, that we are living, is heaven. Regardless of religious beliefs, I think it is so true. Choose the life you want, and live it. Sounding preachy? Sorry. I'm just in such a good mood, and so excited about things we have planned on our calendar and in our lives. 

How did you spend your labor day weekend? Matt and I rounded out our extended weekend with some bike riding on and around a beach community at Atlantic Beach. We got caught in the rain, covered in mud, and got a bit of a tan while riding. It was a superb weekend! 

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  1. Ignorance is bliss is damn right! I'm glad you and Matt had a wonderful Labor Day. I'm loving you your hair is growing out.