Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Revisiting Augusta

Last weekend, Matt, Zeus, and I drove up to Augusta, our old home, for Matt's stepdad's birthday, and for my first show with Shelby. Initially, I had planned on staying in Augusta, and doing my usual Saturday market at RAM, but a friend of mine invited me to participate in a local show to benefit the local Hospice center. It didn't take much twisting of my arm to give me a weekend in Augusta, and a day show with a booth next to my best friend. 

We drove in Friday morning, heading straight to Matt's family's house. A little pool time and visiting were definitely in order. We hadn't been back to see the fam in a few months, since we'd surprised Matt's mom, Susan, on her birthday. That two day trip came and went, with little time to visit with friends. I had been missing all my girlfriends like crazy, and had to make sure I made time for them.

First, we went over to our friend's house, Sanj and Rachael, to cook out and have a little gathering with friends. We got to visit with little baby Zooey, their 14 month old baby. It seems like just yesterday I was visiting Rachael in the hospital after having her. What did I do first thing to try to play with the child? I took a chip from her little plate and eat it in front of her with googley eyes and a snicker. Then, Rachael tells me that is how you make enemies with the food loving baby. Ooops. The next hour or so we played around and I pushed her buttons, playfully of course. But before we left Zooey was kissing my cheek and letting me hold her. I think we reconciled.

After munching on some awesome snack food that is definitely banned from our house, Sarah and Danny swung by and picked me up, time to hit up downtown! Danny and Sarah's brother, Joel, had passed out flyers for my upcoming shows all over downtown, to help with promoting Shelby's return. We had to put up just a few more flyers before headed the few blocks down to my old stomping grounds, Stillwater Taproom. 

I worked at Stillwater for two and a half years part-time, as the happy hour bartender every weekday. It funded my life and work through "Sally Ann", allowing me to work and sew full-time, pay my rent and taking the financial burden off a start-up and growing company. It was the best job ever! I got to see my friends everyday, and I made so many close friends through customers. Imagine a badass bar, that serves really great beer in a beautiful historic building, with bluegrass, Americana, and Yo La Tengo playing all day, and sudoku galore. Those were my days at Stillwater. Throw in a million laughs, and getting paid to be there and that was my "job". While I don't miss my retirement from bartending, I miss my friends in Augusta. I miss the social interaction of being surrounded by friends all the time. 

Since our move to Jacksonville, Florida, Matt's new job allows me to work exclusively for myself, taking on Sally Ann full-time, times two! I get to work 10 hours days most days, which is great because I'm a borderline workaholic. The only way I will ever succeed at being what I want to be is through hard work and long hours, and that's okay by me! Sometimes, I day dream about the possibility of both worlds, friends from Augusta, but working full-time in a bigger city that is now supporting me artistically. I wish I could have both, but c'est la vie, eh?

These girls make me miss the city of Augusta more than anything (and my bf Jessica, not pictured). Katie, Sarah, and Jessica are my favorite. The day that I told them all I was moving away from Augusta, I scheduled a "girl's night". We all went down to Whiskey Bar for burgers, and ordered our beers and appetizers. We got to giggling and chatting, as we all had super busy lives, and never hung out all at the same time. Sarah, in her normal straight forward manner, said, "What's the deal, Sal? Why are we all here at the same time. Either you're pregnant, getting married, or moving?! And I know you're not pregnant because you're drinking a Strongbow... So which is it?!" I came clean and told them what I had brought them all out that night to tell them... Matt and I were leaving for Jacksonville in a few weeks. 

They were all really sad, but also very happy for me. Of course the waterfall of tears came in the weeks to follow, when I had to say goodbye to my best friends. Oh man, did I cry or what! Like a big ol' baby. Even writing about it, makes me a little sad. These three girls changed my life and I love them so dearly. I was so thankful to be able to spend the little bit of time with them that I could.

Saturday, Sarah and I were vendors next to each other at an awesome first annual local event. More on that tomorrow... It was awesome! Gosh, I had such a blast. Sunday, we came back home. And here I am, sewing, sewing, and sewing.

This Friday, I return to Augusta, again, for a two day exhibition with Shelby. More info here.

I hope y'all are having a great week so far. What is new with you? What is on your plate this week? I'm sewing like a madwoman, of course. Listening to new Kings of Leon and getting excited for our upcoming NYC trip the weekend after Augusta. Seems like we're always traveling. I LOVE IT!

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