Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shelby sets up at Sky City

Another weekend in Augusta? Most of you are probably thinking, why in the world would Sally and Shelby go back to a small town in Georgia two weekends in a row to sell handmade goods? Well, I'll tell ya. Augusta is awesome. Well, the city leaves a bit to be desired sometimes, but the people in Augusta are awesome. And we had to go back when invited by the owner of our favorite Augusta venue, Sky City.

Sky City played host to all three of our "Sally Ann Lingerie Fashion Shows" in the past two years, and even right next door, the gallery where I had my gallery exhibition (Videos of each runway show: 1, 2, 3, and gallery opening) . There was a local art festival a few blocks down, and Coco, the owner, asked us to set up shop in front of Sky City on Friday and Saturday.

It was amazing seeing old friends and acquaintances swing by the shop, even those that I didn't know that contributed to our Kickstarter fundraiser to finish Shelby. While we didn't have a lot of unique visitors, many friends came by to show their support and purchased their own one-of-a-kind Sally Ann pieces. Enjoy some photos of friends and customers donning their new wares!

The lovely Carrera in a Sally Ann bow. Love this lady! She also purchased a beautiful scarf, one of four made from fabric my sister, Rachael, purchased in Bahrain during her career in the Navy. I made four scarves from the fabric last week, kept one for me, my BFF Sarah bought one, Carrera the third, and friend's wife bought the fourth. I knew they'd go quick. It's the scarf you'll see me wearing in this post and many, many more to come.

Liv in her Sally Ann Lipstick Dress. She purchased it last weekend at The Big Local, and I was pleasantly surprised to see her Friday night, pairing the dress with a cute denim jacket. Ahh, I'm so happy to be getting out my denim jacket for my New York trip this weekend. I forgot how much I LOVE denim, with this hot summer in Florida. I digress, but Liv is awesome, and I'm so happy to have met her.

And the best thing ever on Sunday, I ran into my friend, Grace, at Nacho Mamas in downtown Augusta, after I was done selling for the weekend, and she was toting along her new purse she'd bought from me the day before. It's my most favorite thing ever when I run into people wearing something I've made, and put my heart into.

As I was leaving downtown, I opened up Shelby especially for these three friends of mine. Grace, Carrie, and Brittany. Each found a special piece just for them. Grace the purse I posted the video for yesterday, Carrie a scarf, and Brittany a purse. Love these ladies and so happy I captured this moment with this picture!

And Shelby's last stop for the weekend. I met back up with Liv, her sister Lexi, and two twin sisters, Megan and Ashley. I think this is Megan above. Hard to remember since they're identical. I made this special stop to their home in Evans, just down the road from Augusta, where I was staying with Matt's parents for the weekend.

These past few weeks of sewing, selling, and driving have been a huge blur and whirlwind. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, when Matt and I fly to NYC for a long weekend. While the outsider may see my travels and pictures online as all funtimes, this will be the first real vacation we've had in a while. We're always always working and playing at the same time, but this weekend is strictly play.

AND! I have a real treat for y'all. My boyfriend, Matt, asked to be a guest blogger this weekend. So while I'll still be in the picture, he'll be the man behind the keys, bringing you an inside look into our little weekend getaway in the Big Apple.

Happy Thursday, friends! I'm off to pack. AGH I can't wait to dig out my jean jacket!

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  1. Have fun in NYC! I liked the High Line in Chelsea when I was there in May.

  2. Sally, I just love seeing you out and about with Shelby. It feels like it was yesterday that you were redoing it. Have fun in NYC this weekend.

  3. Glad you got to enjoy some time in Augusta. :)
    Hope you and Matt have an awesome time in NYC!

  4. Have an amazing weekend in my current hometown. It has been beautiful and the forecast is even better. Fabulous time to visit!