Sunday, October 20, 2013

Away on business...

Saturday at RAM was such a blast! A super hot day for mid-October, as I was too hot in denim cutoffs and a t-shirt. Crazy Florida, it's fall, cool off! As most Saturdays are, I met some awesome local people, sold some bags, scarves, a dress to a sweet Australian au pair, and delivered a beautiful custom handbag to a local lady. All-in-all, a great time. 

I'm currently sitting in a Chicago hotel room, working and setting up my sewing machine. Here on business for the week, I'm expanding Sally Ann to the midwest, fingers crossed. Wish me luck as I scour the city for small handmade boutiques to showcase my designs. I'll also be sewing from my room in my off time, listening to the city sounds below, headphones in my ears. I packed one of my mobile machines, sewing tools, and a TON of fabric in my large checked bag. I was praying it was less than 50 pounds when I got to the airline's checkin at 4 am this morning, and I was two pounds over! Agh! Moving some fabric to my carry-on, I survived. I'll also be meeting up with old friends, and also visiting some local thrift shops. 

My hometown is on the Michigan side, about three-four hours north of Chicago. I used to visit the city whenever I got the chance, but it's been a while, too many years since I visited this gorgeous city. Since moving south, all my trips north are to my hometown to see family or to New York. I need to change that, and visit more. Some of my close friends live here, losing touch over the years. Gotta change that too. Maybe this will be the first trip of many. Any of you live in or love Chicago? Tell me some cool places to visit! My schedule is wide open this week!

Happy Sunday, friends!

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